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Lighting Observation #7

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: May 7th, 5pm, Lowe’s raceway

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: At the movies, its a blackout right after a climactic point in the movie, and theres a cellphone lighting up two rows in front of me.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There’s just been a major fight, the villain defeated, i’m ready for the next scene, but a light catches my eye. No, not a light on the big screen, a small screen two rows ahead is blinding me. Distracting, rude, obnoxious. I just want to watch this movie, but now its dark and all I see is the blinding light from the tiny phone.

RE354 50%
P34055 25%
No color full direct top
RE443 50%
No color 50 %
Blue Full
Cyan 25%
No color full
Blue 25%


Ap5300 75% 
no color full 
RE5454 25%
AP2190 75%
AP1950 25%
Back drop 
No color 50%
Ap2190 full 
Yellow full 
Ap1950 50%
Red 25%
Green 50%
blue 25%

ap4350 25%
ap4850 25%
ap3000 25%
No color full
Ap7330 full
ap2190 full
Back drop
No color 50%
Red full
yellow full
cyan 50%
red 25%
Green 50%
Blue 75%

ap 3800 25%
ap2140 75%
direct top light
Yellow full
top SL
red full
yellow full
top red full
Green 50%
Bottom ap1800 full

Light Observation

Location: Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 4/8/17

Time: Like 2pm?

Objective Description: The opening number had a series of moving spotlights that were just really, REALLY, cool.

Subjective: For each character named in the opening number, they had their own spotlight at a separate point on stage. It made me feel like each character was in their own little universe, never touching, never interacting. It felt really lonely, and cold, but also really prestigious and grand.

Light Observation

  1. Thursday, April 13th, 8:12pm; NAB Black Box Theatre
  2. Looking up to see all of the work lights above the grid on.
  3. While sitting at rehearsal for the Dance Concert, I happened to look up and notice the Black Box in way that I never had before: all of the work lights were on, and it created a jungle-like effect.  Jungle-like in the way that vines hang in the jungle; the beam spreads of all of the different scoops and cans and florescents crossed and intertwined with each other – it looked messy, but it was messy in a pleasing and satisfying way.  It made me realize that there is art in not only the actual lighting of a space, but there is also art simply within the instruments as well, if you look close enough.

Light Observation

6:10 AM  April 12, 2017   My room, Hofstra University

Light coming in from the window during the sun rising.  A soft orange color lightly coloring the inside of my room and shining through the window.  Very warm and subtle light.

At a time in which I am about to fall asleep the angelic light gracefully touches my room.  The bed is lightly grazed with soft orange sunlight that glows from the window.  Leaving the shutters completely open had allowed the sun to come in unfiltered.  It freely expanded into the room with the subtle hint that the day had begun.

Lighting observation

Date: 04/12/2017

Time: early evening

Location: Emily Lowe Quad

Objective description: The sun was starting to set and purples and blues were starting to colour the sky above the Playhouse.

Subjective Description: The horizon was streaked with colours. Purples and blues snaked their way through the soothing orange of the setting sun, seeping their coldness through the evening air. Once brightly lit buildings were beginning to be shrouded in shadow, but our haven on the green was still awash with golden light, fighting off the cold night for a few moments longer.

Photo Observation

Found on

from Wimbledon 2014

Theme: Summer

Description: The Sun shines across the court and illuminates the meticulously cut grass. The paint is as fresh as the grass and not an imperfection can be seen. The ball stands waiting to be chosen, only a small shadow darkens the moment, signi

Photo of the sun hitting a tennis ball on the Wimbledon central tennis court on a sunny day.

Light Observation #10

  1. Saturday, April 8 at 7:40pm standing outside the Netherlands Core.
  2. It was just starting to get dark outside, so the yellowish lampposts and dorm room windows stood out against the deep blue sky as what seemed like thousands of crows were swarming overhead.
  3. As the sun began to set, two separate, coexisting worlds became apparent: the warm glow of dorm rooms where students were hanging out with friends or staying in for the night getting things done and the cool, ominous deep blue mass of sky that enclosed the cold night air. Both worlds were full of life, be it a calm relaxing portrayal of human life or a gloomy, surreal portrait of bird life.

Light Observation

  1. Driving down the Cross Island Parkway at 6 am on Wednesday
  2. I saw a beautiful sunrise break over the island as I drove home.
  3. I rarely see sunrises cuz i’m not a morning person so the fact that i was able to see one was an absolute miracle. It was so beautiful. the colors were a pink/orange and the clouds were a bright yellow. The trails of airplanes cris-crossing the sky.

Light Observation

  1. Sunday 12:50pm in my dorm room.
  2. I used my desk lamp to help dry the hot glue on my drama 78 sculpture project faster.
  3. The bright powerful yellow light served a different purpose for me today. Today light not only lit the world around me, it helped me finish a project that I needed to get done and done fast. I felt great appreciation for light today. Thank you lamp. As Brick from Anchorman would say, “I love lamp”.