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Lighting Observation #10 – Bedside Lamp

  1. Date: 4/20/18, Time: about midnight, Location: my bedroom
  2. I am doing some work on my laptop and decide to put on my bedside lamp. I rarely use it, but it emits a warm light.
  3. My bedside, usually enveloped in cold and unnatural light from the TV, is illuminated by the lamp sitting on the nightstand. Most of the time, it sits as a prop for decoration, but its use of light is reliable whenever necessary.

Photo Observation

www.genkin.oro Ilya Genkin


This image is of a landscape in Australia. It is in the late afternoon. Whats makes this lighting enchanted is the brightness and viberance. The light comming from the sky is making the colors of the pathway appear more crisp and light. This landscape could be a late afternoon in some gnomes magic forest where all the gnomes travel along the path to some secret place.

Light Observation #10

1) April 17-1:22am-Lounge Room in Dorm

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Two strands of star shaped lights string around on the walls. The lights change individually through a rainbow of colors. There are no other lights on in the room except for these colorful lights.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This lighting moment made me feel very calm. It was such a soft and pretty arrange of colors it made me feel safe and a little magical. Because of how the colors were not very natural colors, it made the room feel magical. This lighting moment was calming even with all the stress of life.

Light Observation

1.) Lowe 2nd floor April 18th 2018 11:30pm.

2.) While working in Lowe 216 last night with some other sophomores, the power went out all of a sudden. We packed our things and went to exit the building. When we got out into the hallway the emergency lights and exit signs were on. The doors had all auto closed as well. The emergency lights in the hallway were cumming from the middle top of the right side wall and had two medium flood parnell. They were very cool in temperature, and were strongest in the middle of the hallway. Directly under and the ceiling above were almost a cool blue, and the floor underneath reflected the light back up cratered a glare on the floor.

3.) The whole scene reminded of the opening scene to the walking dead season 1 opener. The main character wakes up in the hospital after a zombie apocalypses has destroyed the world an as he wanders the hallways lit by emergency lighting, he moves twords some doors barred shut that read “Dead Inside” written in blood. It was very creepy, after taking some pictures to remind me of the lighting I ran out of the building.

Light Observation #10

April 18th, 2018/ 5pm/ The Unity Project-Memorial (Calkins) Quad

Objective Description: I’m standing under the layer of yarn strings. The strings are blocking out the sun but there are many cracks that let in the suns rays.

Subjective Description: The Unity Projects giant yarn quilt is already beautiful, but having the sun shine from above it makes the yarn glow in a rainbow pattern. The cracks in the quilt also shine straight through and you can almost “see” the beams if you look down at the grass.

Lighting Observation #11

  1. April 19, 2018 – 7:15pm – Adam’s Playhouse
  2. I am sitting in a chair putting my makeup on. I am looking at multiple lights surrounding the mirror. There are about 8 horizontal and 12 vertical. The light shines on the dancers’ faces and allows them to put their makeup on evenly.
  3. It was at this time that I realize the significance of these lights. Not only are they assisting the dancers as they are putting their makeup on, they are making them feel beautiful. As I watch the performers, I see them keep looking back at the lit up mirror for positive confirmation. After they look, they allow a small smile to appear on their face, and almost without blinking, they rush off finishing their other duties. But it was at that moment when the lighting reassured the dancers that they were beautiful.

Lighting Observation #10

1. Date: April 19, 2018
Time: 10:00pm
Location: My Bathroom
2. There is a small lilac nightlight in the outlet near the door to the bathroom. It’s very faint, but it casts a pale glow on everything around it.
3. The light makes the otherwise completely dark room feel very mysterious. It lights everything very faintly and with a color that seems just off-white although the color is actually purple. Everything that is affected by this faint light, looks as if the moon is shining on it. It gives the room a glow instead of complete illumination.

Lighting Observation 10

1. 4/17/2018, 12:45 A.M. In Alliance Hall

2. My keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with changing colors underneath. It can be edited through software to change to the moods of fire, to ripple with green acid, to flow with a rainbow. All of these have different lighting effects with cools and warm lighting.

3. All of the functions add the effect of calm warmness to you. From the cool tones chiming on the keys or the transition of the rainbow across my keyboard as I watch it. It’s like my own little light show in my room which makes me very happy.

Lighting Observation 11

  1. 4/16 10 am Lowe 201
  2. There are no lights on in the room, so the little light illuminating the room is from the hall and the gray exterior
  3. The warm light from the hall is dominated by the cooler light coming from the gray exterior of the room where it is raining painting the room in a dark, gray, drab, and somber tone.  

Lighting Observation #10

  1. April 9th / 10PM / Peninsula Boulevard
  2. A completely empty highway without any lighting except a single streetlamp far in the distance.
  3. As I drove back to campus after a trip home, I noticed the street was dangerously dark. My fear only rose when I noticed the streetlight glowing down the street. The amber light was soft and lit a wide area.