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Light Observation #6

1) March 7th-7:40 pm-Netherlands Unispan

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There were two rows of lights across the bridge so one could see when crossing it at night. The lights were not all the same color tone however. Some were amber and some were a cool white. Also, the different color of the lights were not in any particular pattern.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment, the lighting made me literally groan. I was so annoyed that the colors of the lights did not match to each other. Also, because of how the lights where spaced, there was just a circle with no light in between each light for the entire bridge walkway. Therefore, there ended up being big dots of non-patterned colors of lights across the nether-span. This created a very irritating feeling because of how the lights did not match and were not even in a pattern.

Light Observation #6

1. 3/7/2018 Outside my window at 12 PM

2. The entire parking lot was covered in not the nice bright white snow but instead a dark blue snow that covered everything. The light from the sun trying to push through the large clouds making a dark blue light as only shadows came through.

3. The way that only the shadows and darkest of light was getting through made the room feel very warm and nice. so how it made me feel to be outside of the odd light . Not the actual light itself, which was more cold and not fun to run through.

Lighting Observation #6

  1. March 7th, 2018 / 3pm
  2. There’s a snow storm happening outside and the wind is flowing in all different directions at high speeds. The sun is high but dim due to the storm.
  3. The entire was sky was as white as a canvas. It was as if the sky had been replaced with one enormous cloud. The sky had cast a looming grey over the ground and the sun on occasion was completely gone.

Light Observation #6

1. Date: March 8, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Intersection of Primrose Lane and Duncan Road
2. There is a single street light right at the intersection of two roads. It shines a vibrant white onto a section of the road
3. The light creates an eerie feeling. This is the kind of lighting that makes you feel unsettled. It also makes you feel the need to check behind you to make sure no one is following because you fear the sight of a shadow directly following your own.

Light Observation #6

1.) My room in my apartment, Uniondale NY. 3/6/18 @ 8pm.

2.) While filling my pod with insulin, the light from the lamp was directly behind the vile of insulin in my line of sight. Inside the vile a vertical lazer like light appeared. It was a deep amber and very warm.

3.) The lazer beam was like a powerful energy force trapped inside a container waiting to be released to wreak havoc. It was so bright it hurt to look at for long periods of time. It could be a heat source to warm up a cold room in the winter, or a electric bolt for a super weapon as well.

Light Observation #6 – Stars

  1. Date: 3/5/18, Time: about 9pm, Location: South Campus Commuter Parking Lot
  2. As I walk back to my car, I look up and there are several stars in a clear night sky.
  3. I look to the sky one night, longing for something other than the ground. It happens to be clear, not a single cloud to be seen. Within the clearness of the blackened sky, I see a small cluster of stars in my general line of view. While nowhere near as bright as a full moon, each star is its own light, twinkling from millions of miles away. The fact that anyone could see them from such a distance is a miracle force of nature.

Lighting Observation #6

1. March 7, 2018 – 4:31pm – Estabrook Hall

2. I am sitting on my bed staring out the window. The sky is a light grey color and there are snowflake flying through the air. Although almost all of the scenery out of the window is white, there is still a dim lighting to it. As I observe closer, there are tiny water droplets all over the outside of my window. On the bottom of the droplets, light is being shown through them.

3. Everything outside is very tranquil. Everything is silent and there isn’t anyone in sight. The snowflakes are dashing for the ground almost as if a giant snowblower is being faced down towards the earth. As I observe closer, I see tiny droplets that have different intensities of lighting in them. Towards the top of the droplets, the light is dim, almost creating a grey color. The bottom of the droplets have a ring of white light that creates a “U” shape at the bottom of each one. As the snow is rushing by the window, the raindrops are just sitting there creating a moment of tranquility with their stillness.

Photo Observation #5

2) Valentin by Ivan Constantin
Taken 25 October 2011
Leica M7 + 35 mm / TriX / Rodinal

3) Theme: Single Life Source

4) This photo didn’t take me long to find, once I realized that a single light source is often keyworded as a ‘dramatic portrait’. I liked this photo because it is not really determinable where this boy is, the background is dark and blurry so that your eye focuses on the child. I also enjoyed that the single light source was emphasized by the shadow cast on the wall behind the child.

Light Observation #5 – Bits n Bytes

  1. Date: 3/1/18, Time: about 6pm, Location: Pathway leading up to Bits n Bytes, near Emily Lowe Hall
  2. The lamps from inside Bits n Bytes are shining out of the building’s window, giving off an emphasized glow, considering the sun had just set and it was almost dark.
  3. Another day is fulfilled. I have to walk from my last class to the Netherlands parking lot in order to finally go home. As I tread the usual path, the sky gets darker, almost a deep shade of indigo. As the sun’s light leaves the horizon, there is a glowing building in the distance. It is a local cafe, most commonly used as somewhat of a lounge for students. The lamps from within are emitting a consistently hazy shade of orange, as if to lure in wandering passersby.

Lighting Observation #5

When and Where: February 28, 2018 4:00pm / Student Center (Cafeteria Side)

Objective Description: The windows above and touching the ceiling of the cafeteria let in the suns rays down into the room. One half of the room was bathed in light while the other is covered in a contrasting shade.

Subjective Description: The lighting flooding the room was bright and orange. Everything down to the dust particles could be seen in it and stepping into it was blinding. Meanwhile, the rest of the cafeteria was shrouded in a blue hue. Slowly as time passed, the sun began to set and the light traveled slowly up the walls of the room until it disappeared.