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Photo Observation #6


Theme: Happy

Description: This is an example of me making use of the theme to its fullest. In the image, a girl is looking at something or someone and uses a flashlight to highlight her face. I cannot explain as to why she’s smiling but she is clearly happy. The photo gives me a deeply unsettling feeling and nervousness, but at least the subject of the image is enjoying herself as a result of the light.

Photo Observation #6

2. Photo by: Pintrest

3. Theme: Happy

4. The way the warmness of this light shines on and through what it hits is what makes it happy. The warm light that saturated the pure white snow just makes me calm and happy. Also just the photo in genuinely gorgeous with how it adds a shadowed effect in the front rather than the usual shadows on the back. In a way it was what the lighting did not light, is the reason I picked this.

Photo Observation #6

By: Images Express

This lighting makes the woods warm and inviting to enter. Reminds me of what imagine the woods in Mid Summers Night Dream to be like when the sun is out; blasting through the trees. The amber and orange mix make it look cozy inside as well.

Photo Observation #6

2. Photo by: Scott Klinker
3. Happy
4. The lighting in this photo looks like the sun shining through a strangely designed window shade. It provides the feeling of waking up in the morning on a Saturday and knowing you don’t have any daunting responsibilities ahead of you. I hear birds chirping and I imagine a big front yard and see sunlight shining between the trees. This photo represents stability and leisure, both of which bring happiness along with them.

Photo Observation #6

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Location: iStock

Theme: Happy

A woman is standing in the middle of all of her friends holding a cake. The woman as well as everyone standing around her are admiring the light that the fire from the candles give off. You can tell that the mood is happy there because everyone is smiling and hovering around the light. What I found interesting was how if you think back to all of the birthday parties you’ve ever been to, everyone always has a happy look on their face once the candles are lit. Why does the fire have that affect on people?

Photo Observation #6 – Happy

  2. Found on
  3. Theme: Happy (plus Lighting Key)
  4. The picture is a classic image of a jump freeze frame. Such an action is usually seen in modern media to commemorate victory and/or happiness. Also, the sun is beaming down on the group from behind, emphasizing their silhouettes. Yellow is a color most often associated with happiness, so it naturally makes sense to use it as a warm background.


Photo Observation #5 – Outline of Light

  2. Found on:
  3. Theme: Single Light Source (plus Lighting Key)
  4. It is unclear what the exact source of light is. And yet, the light is hitting this girl in such a way that it brings out an inner warmth of sorts. With the light hitting her on the side of her body, it creates  an outline of light, almost giving off a radiant glow.

Photo Observation #5

2) Found the image from Pinterest. The photographer is Julia Hetta, a Dutch photographer who is a graduate Gerrit Rietveldt Art Academy in Amsterdam.

3) THEME: Single Light Source

4) DESCRIPTION: It took me some time to find a decent photo that only had one light source. First I had picked a different photo by the same photographer, however I was worried there was actually another light source involved. I liked this photo not only because it meets the requirements of being one light source, but it has a nice soft feeling to it. This feeling comes from the color scheme of the photo and also how the light hits the model’s face.

Photo Observation #5


  1. From: by: Ludek Ciganek
  2. Theme: single light source
  3. The lighting in this photo is interesting to me because of the variation in shades.  With the mystery of the shadow and intrigue of the light, the model looks as though she’s longing for something. I think the fact that there is the key light heightens the drama and enhances the mystery and the emotional impact of the model.

Photo Observation #5

2. From:

By: Lara Gorman

3. Theme: Single Light Source

4. The white light that is just out of the frame of this photo creates interesting shadows on the face of the model. The shadows cast on the model in this photo cause him to have a sinister yet sad feel to him. It makes the person looking at the photo think that he may be either up to something or he is a survivor of something traumatic.