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cold pic.

1) Cold pic.

2) I found this photo online after googling “freezing rain.” The picture itself came from a blog website.

3) The lighting in this image makes me think it was taken in the morning. It is bright out and they’re doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky. The amount of ice in this picture makes me shiver. It looks so thick. I can’t believe how much there is and how it has completely covered the car. The water in the background makes me think of freezing icy waters simply because of the amount of ice on the car in the front of the picture. Everything is covered and looks debilitated because of all the ice. I wonder when this all took place and how long it took to get that car out!

1st lighting observation

1) Feb. 1st – 6:45 p.m – Hofstra campus: My lighting “moment” happened when I was walking out of my building where I live to go get dinner.

2) “Orangey” glow from a street lamp that shown on the snow and icy pavement/ sidewalk when coming out of Nassau/Suffolk.

3) As I walked out of my building to head to dinner the light from the orange street lamps gave me a calming yet spooky feeling. I felt like I was in a ghost town but I would be safe back in my building but for the mean time making the walk for dinner the sky would be glowing down on me as if watching me and my every move. As other people approached you could see the shadows on their faces. It felt like I was in a Halloween town. What a perfect night to go trick or treating on. It was the perfect mix of black and orange on the pavement and in the sky.

Cold Picture

Robert Andrew’s Flickr

Cold Picture 1, Ice Cave

As the sunlight passes through the various thicknesses of ice in this cave, it creates a wide range of blue lights. From pale blue to nearly seafoam green to a deep royal blue, the  smooth reflective surface shines. The light appears to emanate from the ice itself, giving it a luminescent quality. The blue tint of the sunlight radiates a cold feeling throughout the cave and the photo.