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Light Observation 1

Where:  In Stage Lighting class, sitting at my desk next to the window in the morning.

Objective Description:  The sun was shining through the window onto the white window sill, with snow-covered trees seen through the window.

Subjective Description:  The sunshine this morning had a hopeful and peaceful feeling to it.  It seemed almost life-giving despite the fact that it was the middle of winter.  The light through the window seemed fresh, clean and new and gave the sill the appearance of being freshly and lovingly painted.  The white paint shined with the bright sun illuminating it, and gave a beautiful contrast to the dark black-brown trees that could be seen in the distance.

2nd lighting observation

1) Feb. 2nd – 12:57 p.m – dorm room: As I came into my dorm room on Wednesday afternoon my blinds from the night before hadn’t been opened like usual and the light that did come in through the blinds was limited yet lit a lot of the room.

2) Day light coming in through blinds in dorm room, hitting books on window sill and shining in on the floor.

3) As I came into my dorm room on Wednesday afternoon I usually always flick the switch of my terrible fluorescent light that suspends from my bedroom ceiling but today when I walked in I didn’t feel the need to turn on the light because I was struck by the light that crept through the half opened blinds from my one window in the center of my room. The day was not bright by any means but since my room faces the inside of another building the light that did come through made the day seem so much brighter. It still seemed like a cold wintery day but with the crisp colors of white and blues and grays that peeked through the blinds on my window sill and on my tile floor. It illuminated the room so much more than usual or at least than I remember. I left the fluorescent light off and proceeded with my day with the light that bleed through the blinds.

1st Light Observation Week 1

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 1/31/2011 Early Morning, Friends Dorm

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light from the morning sun shining through a tree’s branch’s viewed from a dormitories window.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The moment I looked at the window and saw the morning ray’s slowly streaking through the branch’s of the barren tree outside the dormitory I felt a sense of simplicity and peace. It was a very calming picture, one could not help but relax and smile. Although a barren tree usually brings a sense of depression, the glow of the morning rays of sun brought a new life to the tree.

“Cold” Photograph Observation


2) This photo is of the sculpture Winter or La Frileuse by Jean-Antoine Houdon. It’s bronze counterpart is currently being displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is where I first saw it.

3) THEME: Cold

4) DESCRIPTION: This photo portrays a coldness but not in the usual sense. Although the title of the statue is Winter you do not immediately feel that from the statue itself. It is though the lighting that the a cold solidarity is brought forth. The lack of lighting in the background frames the statue with a dark distance. While the light hitting the statue, which appears to be two front diagonals, allows just the right amount of soft shadows to give it depth and a chilling stillness.

Cold Photo Observation


Theme:  Cold

This entire photograph struck me as “cold” as soon as I came across it.  Not only for the obvious reasons that it is of a snow-covered mountain, but also because of the ominous shadows and grey clouds overhead.  Behind the mountain we can barely see another shadowed mountain underneath the clouds.  The harsh angles caused by the sun on the snow and the steep angle of the mountain also add to the frigid quality of this photograph.  This mountain looks scary, uninviting, and almost evil because of the way the sun and shadows relate to each other.