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Lighting journal 1

1.) February 1st,  at 12 pm, in fludhing queens in a bed room

2.) The sunlight was coming through a window with a shade covering. The light was shining down at an angle and hitting the floor in a thick golden color, where dust was floating through it.

3.) The feeling that this moment was representing was hope. The beginning of a new day with many opportunities.

1a.) google images

2a.)this is a cold feeling, with a misty feeling. Not so much cold as in winter, but like brisk fall morning.

3a.) The feeling that this photo expressed to me was loneliness. Like waking up alone, and going outside to feel some peace, but it does nothign but remind you about how lonely you are.

1b) google images

2b.)this is a cold feeling based on the colors, the simple black and white room also represents the coldness of the room.

3b.) This to me also represent a new beginning, but in a negative way. similar to above, but instead of a opportunities, they are closed off.

Photo Observation 1

ATTRIBUTION: from the movie “Intelligence”  (


DESCRIPTION: The interrogation room is dark, but the  blueish-white light from the long row of windows casts light onto the detainee and the American flag.  It shows how the room is emotionally cold and is most definitely not a happy place to be.  Since the light is shining on both the flag and the detainee, we are led to believe that he did something against his country.

Light Observation 1B

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 1/26/11; 5:35PM; Outside Emily Lowe Hall

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light on side of Davison Hall and Barnhard Hall cast shadows through trees onto Adams Quad

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It was dark out as we walked past Emily Lowe Hall.  The amber lights lit up the area and reflected off of the white snow.  The pristine sheet on Adams Quad was marred by shadows of the trees breaking up the white snow.  The shadow eerily looked as though it would crawl across the rest of the snow and attack us.

Light Observation 1A

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 1/26/11; 5:30PM; Outside New Academic Building

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light on side of Emily Lowe Hall and light in parking lot reflects off of ice in front of stairs of New Academic Building

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It was freezing cold as we walked outside of the New Academic Building.  Shining straight at us was a bright amber flood light used to light up the parking lot at night.  As I saw the amber light cover the white snow and shimmering ice, I began to feel warm, as though the light would soon melt away the ice and snow.  The amber light set the ground aflame.

Photo Observation

1) Outside my house- taken on iPhone 4


3)  This photo can be seen as cold for the obvious fact that there is an obscene amount of snow, about two feet, on the ground.  This photo can also be seen as a cold image because of the effort that needs to made in order to make it up to the front door and the contrast with the shadows and the use of “low key” lighting.  All the snow shows makes you feel removed from the destination.  We can also see that the houses in the background are the same and have that cold detached feeling about them.

Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: One of my old photo projects. Storage room in my high school; a florescent light against something blue.

Theme: Cold

Description: photo was, and still is a hobby of mine. I love how the angle of the picture and the lighting can make something look altered or wrong in a way. The red in the room was the reason for taking the picture, but I later realized it had a blue tint due to the florescent light. The combination of light blue tint  and dark spots in the picture gives me the feeling of being cold. Some agree with me, and others say the red takes away from that feeling.  Regardless of the knowledge I was sweating in the boiler room, I still get a chilling feeling.

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Light Observation 2

1) 1/30/11-10:00pm-My backyard

2) It’s completely dark out, at the end of the yard there is a wooded area.  Two spot lights shinning on the snow that is covering everything, you can see the thick cigar smoke in the light as it slowly dissipates.

3) It was a late night outside so everything was dark there was snow covering everything the snow had a glaze over it, there was little light coming from the surroundings and two spot lights on the house shinning on a 45 degree angle away from the house, these lights showed the glaze on the untouched snow.  The woods were considerably darker then the yard area, you could see the reflection of the light in animals’  eyes as they scurried above the snow.  After lighting a cigar the thick smoke could be seen through the light and gave the atmosphere a relaxing yet slightly spooky feeling.  The smoke in the light made it seem as if something completely unexpected was going to happen suddenly.

Beja Light Observation

Date, Time, Location: Wednesday February 3rd , 2011; 7:00 AMish,  in my bed

Objective Description: more sunlight through a window with the blinds tilted at an awkward angle.

Subjective Description: I angrily awoke to the sunlight of my multiple window room. At first it was frustrating due to my lack of vision without my glasses. After I regained my eyes I looked at the sunlight against my closet doors. It was on a slanted angle with a ladder effect. Due to the spaces between the doors, the ladder effect looked more like paneling of a hardwood floor. After this I felt excited to start my day…and after a few more hours of sleep.

Beja Light Observation

Date, Time, Location: Wednesday February 2nd , 2011; 1:00 PMish,  at work (framing art gallery)

Objective Description: front entrance (composed of a glass wall), sun shining onto the wall with framed pictures.

Subjective Description: As I was eagerly and enthusiastically pretending to clean the glass on pictures, I noticed a glaring light hit the side of my eye. I turned around and had a complete lighting moment. The sunlight was shining down through the window hitting the glass on the pieces, and blinding me. As I took a closer look I could see framed boxes of yellow tinted light. It was a contrast from the dark blue carpet walls. It seemed that the light was trapped inside the frame, blurring the actual picture with harsh borders of shade on the bottom and right side. This made an exciting effect for the instant, bringing joy to my previously trapped feelings.

Lighting Observation 1

1) 2/1/11-8:00am-outside Alliance Hall

2) Outside Alliance Hall while the sun was still rising.

3) I was walking outside Alliance with a cup of coffee during “golden hour”.  Even though it was so cold outside the sun rising kept me warm.  It looked like someone opening their eye in the morning.  When seeing this is just makes it feel like it will be a good day and in a way makes you feel energized.  It brought back memories of when I was little and went into the city with my grandfather on Saturdays just driving into the eye of the day.  It also reminded me a little bit about the film Days of Heaven, this is so because the entire film was shot during Golden hour, which created its challenges but gave the film a certain look that it needed.