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Lighting Observation #2 Week 2

Where: NAB Black-box. During a rehearsal.

Objective Description: An actress standing on a chair holds a light source, the rest of the cast is gathered close by. All other lights in the black-box are out.

Subjective Description: I could see the faces of other people struck clearly against the black backdrop of nothing that the space had become. I was reminded of summer nights whereon people gather around a campfire, or on nights in the middle of winter during power outages, when things are lit only by candles, flashlights, or lanterns. On nights like these, the world is only in the ring of light – any faces therein are the only other people in the world – all things outside the ring of light become relative: they expand into oblivion. Things in the ring of light are realized in minute detail, and modeled in a unique way, that is often unsettling if not frightening. And yet, there is a grandeur as well – a sense taking of one’s self out of the body, and seeing one’s self within the ring of light as though from afar off.

Lighting journal 2

1.) 2/9/11 noon, on the Medowbrook parkway
2.) this was a moment where the light was shining through the cloud. however it was not a sterotypical sun feeling, there was no warm feeling about it. I was a bright day but the clouds were a dark shade of grey.
3.) this was a sense of hope at the end of a dark patch in life. Still suffering though, knowing that there might be a chance for a change.

2nd Light Observation Week 2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/10/11 Noon in my friends dorm

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Fluorescent dormitory lighting

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I walked into my friends room the unnatural crisp fluorescent light flooded over their newly blank and uninviting walls. The emptiness that was reminiscent of the first day of college was instant. Depression choked all other emotions. Your heart went straight to your stomach.

“The Sun” Photo Observation


2) Science Website

3) THEME: The Sun

4) DESCRIPTION: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the sun is that to us it appears to be just a glowing ball. This picture is a close up showing the sun as star. The light within this picture is radiating from the sun itself. This gives it a very omniscient and powerful feeling. It is intense, strong, and pulls you in.

Light Observation 3

Where: basement hallway of Gittleson

When: Monday, Feb 7

Objective: Fluorescent lights in a long hallway

Subjective: I was walking down this hallway in the basement of breslin, where the only light was from the fluorescents above. As I walked down this hallway, I felt an eerie feeling and felt almost as if I was walking down the hallway of a hospital. It felt sad, hallow, and empty.

Photo Observation 2- The Sun

Theme: Sun

I chose this picture because despite the snow in the picture and the fact that it is obviously winter, the releflection of the sun along with the visual light in the upper half of the picture gives it an almost hopeful and warm feeling, as if spring is just around the corner

Photo Observation: The Sun


Theme:  The Sun

Description:  This is a picture of sun shining through someone’s fingers so they look like they’re holding the sun like a marble.  I chose this photo because it was different and not just another sunset or shadow picture.  I thought it was interesting because of the little reflective dots that the sun created.  It looks almost magical because of the way the sun’s rays spread over this person’s fingers like a star burst.  The photo feels happy to me, and reminds me of sunny days spent at a park in the middle of summer.  The sun is so bright it almost looks fake, and I think that adds to the intrigue of this photograph.

Light Observation 2, Week 2

Date, Time, Location:  February 8, 6:30pm, near the Payroll building.

Objective Description:  Street lamps lining and lighting a sidewalk.

Subjective Description:  As I was walking to Au Bon Pain, I looked up and found myself on a straight, street lamp-lined sidewalk.  I was struck by this image because the sidewalk and the lines the lights created were perfectly straight and looked almost like the sidewalk would go on forever.  What was especially interesting was one of the streetlights was out, so on the right side there was a sudden dark hole in the pretty lines of the walkway.  The burnt out light made the whole sidewalk appear off balance and it looked like something unfortunate might take place, as if the light was some sort of warning.

Lighting Observation 1, Week 2

Date/ Time/ Location:  February 7, 5:30pm, Tyler’s bedroom

Objective Description:  Shadow of a bottle on a wall, lit by candles.

Subjective Description:  When I saw the shadow, or silhouette, of the bottle on the wall it looked very strong and imposing for a bottle.  The shadow that was cast on the wall made the bottle appear very big in comparison to the “real” objects around it.  The shadow was there because of candle that were placed next to the bottle, which gave the scene a warm and cozy light even though the bottle made everything seem more serious and dominating.