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2nd lighting observation

1) Feb. 12th – 2:50 p.m – on the LIRR back to Mineola: I was riding the train back from city class on Saturday when I had my lighting “moment.”

2) I was riding on the LIRR from Penn. station to Mineola on Saturday afternoon when I was looking at the sky and noticing the sun and the clouds. The sun was shinning down through the clouds with “sharp” rays of light.

3) On Saturday afternoon I was riding on the train to Mineola and I had a backwards window seat. I was staring out the window for sometime until I realized the sky. We were about to pull into Jamaica station when I looked up and noticed how bright the sun was on a somewhat cloudy day. The clouds were gray and heavy and the big bright ball of light was shining over us. The rays peeked through in only some areas of the clouds letting rays of sunshine down on us. There were several of these rays of light and you could see almost completely around them. Like they were just these beams that were shooting down on the world. All I could think of was they were like rays that would beam you up to heaven if you were standing in their path. It was a comforting feeling though and for a day that wasn’t overall very bright it was a moment of light and peacefulness. Once we pulled into Jamaica I was blocked from the sky until we pulled away and like the sky does it seems to constantly change and when we came through on the other side it had changed completely. But for that moment I felt comforted by what I had seen and thought of loved ones that have passed before me.