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Lighting Observation 5

Where: Class in Breslin

When: Feb 16th

Objective: My professor was using a powerpoint presentation so all the other lights were out in the room, but there was a light on his podium that lit his face from underneath

Subjective: I thought this was a very good example of selective visibility. My attention was automatically brought to him and he was only thing brightly lit in the room. Being lit from below in this case did not bring an eerie feel because it was bright enough to fill in all the shadows in his face, so the emotion caused by this lighting was not too strong but immediately brought attention to him.

Photo Observation 3

Where: Dorm room

When: 2008

I took this picture freshman year of a friend of mine spinning a collection of LED keychain lights that are gruped together in front of his face. I chose this picture because of the way the red hits his face, while the background is black. It gives the feel of his face emerging from the abyss, and gives him an almost demonic feeling. The shadows accentuate this effect.