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Light Observation for 2/18

1) 2/17/2011, 10:30 PM outside of Hofstra Hall

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It is dark, and the moon has risen very high in the sky. There are streetlights on, as well as the lights on Hofstra Hall. There are a lot of clouds in the sky, but the moon is very bright and shines through them, helping the street lights to cast shadows of the actors rehearsing.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It seems almost magical how the union of white moonlight and yellow lamplight blend to cast dark shadows along the brick in front of Hofstra Hall. The clouds above my head seem to have broken apart, and moonlight shines through them, as well as at one large hole in them, which is the perfect size to fit a nearly full moon

Titley title title

Found on, photo by dj_saunter .

Theme: Saturated

Description: I enjoyed the sharp contrast of the dark objects in the street with the lights emanating from various sources around them, as well as the tail lights. I think it is interesting how many colors are found reflected on the wet street, and how clearly everything is defined by those reflections. Though this probably had its contrast and saturation altered slightly, I feel that it fits the theme perfectly due to the wide range and intensity of the lights in the photograph.

Light Observation 1- Week 3

1) 2/15/11, 11:15pm in my suitemate’s room

2)Objective: A starry-sky Projector

3) Subjective: When this light is on the room is completely dark and it looks like you are in outer space. It brings toa peaceful but stellar mindset to fall asleep too. It reminds me of the painting starry-night and it is the most beautiful intimate light to sleep with.

Light Observation 2, Week 3

When/ where:  In a dark-lit room, 6:00pm

Objective description:  Light from a pink lamp lit up exactly half of Maria’s face.

Subjective description:  When Maria was sitting on the floor the lamp was exactly to the side of her face, so her face was half pink and half in shadow.  The line was so perfect her face almost looked like a painting.  It was interesting because I could really noticed the details on her face in two different lights at the same time.  The severe line that ran down her face made her look poised and almost like a painted mask.  The pink light gave everything a warm and silly feeling.

2nd Light Observation Week 3

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/17/11 early morning

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light from the sunrises hitting a rose

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As the early sunrise rays hit the rose sitting on my desk the flower appeared to glow in it’s vase. The vibrant red shone  in the glittering light. It was like something out of a Disney movie.

1st Light Observation Week 3

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 02/15/11 6pm my dorm room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Light from the sun coming through the leaves and the blinds

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: With the sun first coming through the leaves before the blinds, it made the lines from the blinds shadow to appear blured. Also as the leaves moved back and forth outside in the wind the small stream of light seemed to move across the floor much like a wave rolling in the ocean.

Photo Observation 3

I took this photo from my sister’s Facebook page – I was also present when this photo was shot, on New Years Eave in Edinburgh.

“Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated”

There are aren’t that many colors in the lighting here, but those that are present are pretty stand-offish. The structures are lit with low-frequency colors, purple and blue. I don’t generally think of the lower frequencies as being vibrant or bright – usually they seem subdued and cool – but in the absence of higher frequency colors, they take on a very garish demeanor. The higher frequency colors are not totally absent, but they are minimal. They really only appear as the tails of fireworks. They seem too take a backseat to the purple and blue lighting on the structures. All in all, the lighting is vibrant because it really puts a new face on a scene which in broad daylight is actually kind of flat and grey.

Photo Observation: Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated


Theme:  Vibrant, colorful, saturated

Description:  I stumbled across this picture and I couldn’t stop looking at it.  I felt it followed the theme because the colors in the flower and of the woman’s lipstick are so bright, they almost shout at you.  I found this picture to be very beautiful partly because of the colors, but also because it’s a strange photograph to take.  I like how the oranges in the flower get redder in the middle and mimic the red of the lipstick.  The bright oranges and reds are very vibrant and colorful to me.

Light Observation 1, Week 3

When/ Where:  Friend’s living room, Wednesday 1:45 pm

Objective Description:  Tyler sitting on a chair next to a window while smoking a cigarette.

Subjective Description:  There was sunlight coming in through the window, and when Tyler exhaled his smoke and leaned against the wall, the sun caught the smoke so it looked like a billowy veil over his face.  It looked magical and weird, but still very cheerful because of the bright sunlight.  I enjoyed this lighting moment a lot because it took me by surprise.

Light Observation 1 (Week 3)

1) Monday night around midnight, my room

2) A desk lamp illuminating our dorm room, reflecting off the wall

3) A few minutes before going to sleep, my roommate turned on his the lamp on his desk which he seldom uses. It was pointed downward limiting the light it emitted. It created a very soft, warm, yellowish light in the front corner of the room. The rest of the room was dark and shadowy due to the limited light. The lamp light reminded me of the type of light cast by a solitary candle in a dark room. It only provided light close to the source but quickly faded. The casing of the lamp has slits in it, possibly to limit how hot it got, but the light streamed onto the wall through these slits creating an interesting sharp pattern of light and shadow on the wall. It creating a feeling of comfort and peace, and creating a soothing atmosphere before I fell asleep.