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Lighting Observation 1 (Week 4)

1)  Sunday Feb 20th, maybe around 2 am, in my dorm

2) Streetlight coming through the blinds in my window

3) As I was about to fall asleep, I noticed that it had begun to snow that night. I could see a very orange, foggy, light coming in from the lights in the parking lot. The blinds made the light look striped creating an interesting pattern. The light lit the snow falling closer to my window from behind, silhouetting it, while the snow falling on the other side of the light was a pale orange-white. This was in interesting contrast. Snow had also started to gather on the tree limbs outside the window. The whole scene was mostly peaceful and serene, but the feeling was offset by the strange orange glow of the light. The orange color added an element of suspense and a sort of eerie anxiety to the situation.

Light Observation 2 (Week 4)

1)   2/23/11- 10:00 pm- My Dorm Room

2)   Long streaks of light on walls being produced by the gaps in between the blinds.

3)   Right before I was about to go to sleep I noticed a lighting moment.  There was a yellowish light that shined in through our window, and the blinds are usually closed during the night so as a result it created uniform lines on our walls.  The light shined in through the gaps in between the blinds and it created a very distinct blind image on our wall.  The reason I liked this moment was because it make me think of a gobo and how it does the same thing.  What is interesting is that if the image on the wall was a little more distinct and had a different color, I could easily mistake it as the actual window and not just the light/ shadow being made by one.  Adding the yellow light did not contribute to it looking authentic because the yellow does not look natural but rather very artificial.  The color made it very hard to attach an emotion, time of day, etc. because it was so fake looking and didn’t really go with a particular feeling or notion.  Either way the pattern and light was interesting from a practical stand point and I will remember it for when I use gobos.

Modeling Photo

2) Found photo on PBS website in news article about the moon

3) Modeling photo

4) I was really looking for a picture that can show the importance of shadows in revealing what an object or features look like. This picture of the moon’s surface has numerous craters, rocks, and bumps that are all highlighted by the light. The light is casting shadows in such a way that they reveal all the contours and shapes of the features in the picture. Any and every indent or bulge is highlighted and can be identified due to the presence of light and shadow. I like the picture because it is very deceptive in the realm of scale. In fact, the main crater is 19 miles across. The picture creates a feeling of insignificance when you realize the true size of what you’re seeing. The picture also creates a very desolate, lonely, and isolated feeling by the nature of the gray color and barren, rocky, landscape.

2nd lighting observation

1) Feb. 19th – 6:06 p.m – On a bus traveling south to D.C: I had my lighting “moment” on the bus traveling to D.C this past Saturday.

2) The sky was split in a light yellowy, orange and a beautiful blue color as I was on the bus down to D.C on Saturday evening. We were some where in Baltimore when this particular moment happened as I was riding.

3) I was sitting on the bus down to D.C on Saturday when I was noticing the sky and the light it was emitting. I had a window seat and had a straight on view of this beautiful picture that the sky was creating. The sky looked like it was split in half. The bottom half was yellow and orange. They’re was a heat to this saturated color. The upper portion of the sky was a nice, calming dark blue. It gave me some what of a cold, dark feeling, like night was coming and it was close behind us, catching up to us. Also something that added to this moment was the fact that trees were lined on the highway that we’re bare. It was like a picture out of a magazine taken from an end of winter scene. The branches of the trees made the colors stand out even more. The twisting dark branches, and the dark shadow that fell upon them made them eerie looking/feeling. However, they whole scene was so beautiful with all the colors and the defined branches.