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1) House: 2/20/2011

2) Theme: Modeling

3) I was using my computer at night in my room. The light hit half of my face and I observed it in the mirror. It made my face intense and ominous. It was a cool effect illuminating half of my face. It felt as if I had an aspect of my life that others could not see. I was only letting people see a portion of me.

Light Observation 4 B

1.) 2/24/11- 9 pm ish- Spiced (India- Thai Restaurant)

2.) Where we were sitting, at a table near the bar, there were pale red and blue wall lights that were also on the under side of the bar, but at the front of restaurant there were regular yellow house lights. So, my lighting moment was this effect of the two lights on my fiance’s face, half of it was lit as you would normally expect but the other was an odd reddish- violet color lit from below and any time he moved his hand it was blue. As well as a blue halo of sorts back lighting him.

3.) The effect of the light on his face was so awkward and uncomfortable! Well, really it was amusing because half his face was epically lit with this reddish violet light and then the other half was so normal! Plus, his “hot spots” were on the underside of his jaw and his nose because the light came from below; yet there was enough fill in the room so as to not cast any shadows. It was such an unfortunate lighting design moment for this restaurant!

Photo Observation, week 4

2) Taken in a relatives house

3) Modeling

4) The cat is being back lit with natural sunlight which makes heavy shadows on his face.  Shadows and some reflections can be seen on the chess set and towards the front of the table.  The cat looks serious and the shadowing helps this.

Lighting Observation 2, week 4

1) 1:00pm – 11/28/10- Office in the city(film shoot)

2) Dark office with windows all around, there was one Omni shining down on the desk with the actor sitting in the chair in front of it.

3)It was dark in the office there we were still setting up the lights we had one at the time, it was directed down onto the glass desk.  The actor was sitting in the chair  and it created just the right amount of shadow to made it look amazing.

Lighting observation 1, week 4

1) 10:30pm – 10/21/11- outside between Alliance and the Student Center

2) There was a full moon outside, but it was also cloudy.  The clouds were covering the moon just enough for light to show through.

3) The moon was full and with the clouds somewhat covering it and the smoke coming from the chimney of the building, it gave it an eerie feeling.  It made it seemed as if I was in a vampire or werewolf movie.  There was just enough light shining through to make it look cool.  What began to happen is the clouds started to clear out and the full moon was in full sight.

Light Observation

1) 1-24-2011, 5:30 @ Bits & Bites

2)Small secluded light fixture, beamed right on top of my friend’s head.

3) It was the same effect as if you were to place a flashlight under someone’s face. The angle of the light directly above looked slightly unnatural.  As soon as we sat down the lighting powers that be gave me this awesome lighting moment. So this secluded light beaming straight down on my friends face, gave her a spooky look.


2) Reflection

3) Theme: modeling

4) When I thought of modeling for stage lighting, I immediately thought of a silhouette. This one makes me feel as if the woman in the picture is otherworldly, especially against the backdrop. It feels, not so much an evil presence, but a benevolent one. She looks lost or in limbo. There is just a mysterious quality about a person that cannot be seen in the surrounding environment that can be.

Beja Photo Observation:

What, Where:  The Grinch, yea

Theme: Modeling

Description: while I was surfing the net, I came across this picture. In it the Grinch is being lit by one strong light from the left side that seems to catch his every feature. This makes a fade from bright to dark across, still being allowed to see the whole face. It also gives him a weary look combined with the extreme close up.