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Light Observation 9A

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/31/11; 1:00PM; Second floor of Student Center hallway

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Sunlight from shine through the window on the second floor in the Student Center hallway.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There were not many overhead lights where I sat eating my lunch.  I looked down the hallway to my left, and there was a long section of sunlight that lit up the entire hallway.  The light had a bit of a grayish tint to it because of the weather outside.  The light made the hallway feel more lively and open even though it was a fairly narrow area.  The color made the light feel a bit more calm than light when its sunny out.

Photo Observation 9

ATTRIBUTION: I took this photo last week on the second floor of Breslin Hall

THEME: Funny

DESCRIPTION: The wall is lit just as it usually is, with regular white light bulbs. On the wall is a shadow of “SYLVANIA” from the light bulb.  The photo is funny because I have never before seen any shadows like that from any light bulbs.  It seems like such an unusual occurrence and I wonder if there was some sort of defect in the light bulb.

Lighting Observation

When: Monday evening

Where: Outside my apartment

Objective: It was cloudy out, and the light was dimming. A plane flew towards us over the building across the street, but only the light from the plane was visible until it came through the clouds.

Subjective: We wondered where the light was coming from at first until it grew closer and closer, creating suspense and giving the plane a very dramatic entrance.

Lighting Observation 04/01

Where: Ollie’s Bar in Amityville

When: Sunday Night

Objective: There was a black and white photo of a mountain hanging in a frame on the wall, and directly above it was a hanging light.

Subjective: This made the impression that the light was actually a part of the photo, giving the mountain a warm glow that made the picture really stand out.

Photo Observation

I chose this photo because the lighting behind the woods seems to be a sun rise which symbolizes rebirth and a new day, which clearly will not be the same due to the fire.

Photo Observation

Image found on, un-attributed

3) THEME: Funny

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this image is cast up against the snowman’s face. This creates a very foreboding look, similar to that used in horror films. This is funny because a snowman is not an innately scary thing. The clash between the not scary snowman, and the horror film lighting, is humorous.

Lighting Observation

1) 3-30-2011, outside Lowe, 2:00 AM

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Other than lamps, there is no lighting outside. A single car sits by itself in the distance. When it’s unlocked, the car lights up, spilling some light on to the ground and the pole in front of it.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The car lighting feels safe. I almost want to run to the car, feeling like the lamps aren’t providing protection from whatever is out here at 2 AM.

Lighting Observation

1) 3-30-2011, 8:20 PM, NAB

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was cutting out an image of a woman’s silhouette, and was lifting it up to pull it out of the page. Because it was on bristol board, it stood straight up. Light was hitting the standing silhouette from two angles, casting two shadows. Once was very sharp and was not distorted, the other was darker but a lot more distorted.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This image was very interesting. Not only was there the silhouette cut out, there was the empty space in the bristol where it had been, and the two shadows of course. In this space, one cut out shape created four heads, all of which look different. It is interesting that the two shadows, cast by the same shape, can be so drastically different.

Lighting Observation 9 A

1.) Mindnight ish 3/30 or tech 31/11 Street outside my house

2.) Naked tree branches with water droplets on the interestingly modeled by light from a street lamp

3.) After parking my car last night I was walking home and had a lighting moment! There was a tree with no leaves but teeming with small droplets of water, too light to fall but heavy enough to hang a little off the branch. What was really interesting was the angle the streetlamp hit the tree the tips of the branches were glowing which was enhanced by the light being refracted in the water drops. It not only gave the branches dimension, but almost a holy or angelic feel to it because of the mystic glow that backlit it.