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Photo Observation

2) I took this photo last year while I was in Boston.

3) Theme: Nightlife

4) When I thought of nightlife I decided to go a little different than the party, neon lights scene.  I started to think about the people who work the night shift that kind of nightlife.  I really like this picture because of the lights in the skyscraper.  Not all of them are on which creates an interesting nightlife feel.  It makes me think that many people have gone home or are going home, like the cars rushing by at the bottom of the picture.  I really like that it emphasizes light that is present as well as light that is absent.  The other cool aspect of this picture is the street lamps.  When ever I see street lamps I automatically associate them with the night.  The low, yellowish glow of the streetlamps also give a night time feel.


Light Observation for 3/4

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Sunset, outside of Breslin on 2/27

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Someone short is walking across the walk outside of Breslin hall. The way they are walking, the sun is in their face and a long shadow is being cast behind them. They have very good posture, and they are wearing a long wool coat. The scenery in front of them is all clear, except for the trees in the distance, which the sun is setting over.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It feels as if this man is being chased by his own shadow, which is even more ominous from its size. Though his wool coat does not look intimidating, the shadow appears to be wearing a long trench coat. The shadow is slender, but twice the size of its “victim.” The scene feels imposing and foreshadowing.

Photo Observation for 3/4


From, by Zack Hughes.

THEME: Night Life

DESCRIPTION: Though Nightlife can be classified as life as it goes on in clubs and bars at night, I felt that this was a more interesting take on the subject. The amount of movement evident in this photo makes the bustling Miami street seem even more active. Additionally, I feel like the bright colors used on the buildings make them seem even more magical and nightlife-esque.