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Photo Observation 5


THEME: Nightlife

DESCRIPTION: New York City at dusk.  The cars have their headlights on and are slowly traveling down the streets.  Offices have turned on their overhead lights.  The Empire State Building is lit up for the night.  The sun in the orange and purple sky is in the middle of setting.  This is the beginning of another night in Manhattan.

Light Observation 5B

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/2/11; 4:07PM; Between Constitution Hall and VanderPoel Hall

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Sunlight between clouds from the west.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sunlight lit up some clouds and left others dark.  It looked as though the light was coming from the Heavens.  The light felt glorious and godly.

Light Observation 5A

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/2/11; 12:00PM; New Academic Building, 2nd Floor

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Sunlight from the south shines through wall of windows outside the Black Box Theater.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sunlight lit up the whole building.  The light was extremely intense, so we had to squint to see.  The heat from the light radiated through the glass and warmed up my entire body.

Lighting Observation 5 A

1.) 2/27/11- 5:30 ish- Grand Central Parkway West, around exit 25

2.) Golden sun setting through leafless tree branches

3.) Driving home from rehearsal I cannot help but look at the setting sun through the naked trees. It is beautiful, it is lovely, the darkening branches stretching forth, wildly piercing the golden sky. The golden chariot of Apollo finishing his day long race across the sky and particles reflex and spread about saturating the air with its rays. A stunning mixture of watercolor sky, glorious, magnificent and the bare boned branches boldly defying its majesty with stark nakedness.

2nd lighting observation

1) March 1st – 10:24 p.m – my common room: I had my second lighting moment on Tuesday night in my common room in Suffolk Hall.

2) Me and my room mates use a pink inclandestine lamp that stands in the corner of our common room. It doesn’t emit that much light but it’s better than turning on the fluorescent hanging lights.

3) On Tuesday night me and my room mates were watching the 20/20 Charlie Sheen interview. A part of the way through it we turned off the fluorescent lights and turned on our pink lamp. The lamp is bowl shaped and only uses about a 40 watt bulb. When we turned on the lamp the room instantly turned into a medium pink color. Since the light isn’t that bright the room at night gets much darker. As we were watching and the light changed it seemed to make the interview more intense. The color of the room made by the lamp felt fantasy like and other worldly. Which is exactly what I think is going on in Sheen’s head. The room took on a more intimate feel when the light changed. And it seemed to grow smaller. Its such a difference than when we have the fluorescent lights on. It’s more cozy and comfortable. The pink shown up toward the ceiling and made a circle like shape just above the lamp.

Photo Observation 5

2.) Photo from:

3.) Theme: Nightlife

4.) I love this photo, because the colors are so saturated and beautiful. It fits nightlife because well, a night owl lives or rather is active predominantly at night! Plus, for one reason or another we all seem to associate this deep blue with night time, and the gold of the owl’s eyes really pop out against the dark background. Seeing this photo I am terrified for a moment at the prospect of being captured in the golden gaze, at once majestic and threatening. I can see the field mouse squirm as these sharp eyes train on the movement followed by sharp talons piercing their sides.

Lighting Observation for 3/4

Where: Front St

When: Late evening tuesday

Objective: The sun set created a background of oranges and reds behind a tree.

Subjective: The way the red and oranges shown through the branches of the tree, it almost looked as if it were on fire. It was a powerful effect that also brought out the shape of the tree by lighting the edges from behind.