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Lighting Observation

1) March 3, 5:30 AM, outside the library

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun is just about to be coming up. The sky is a subtle blue.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This light looks cold and unwelcoming. However, as the sun rises and more color is added to the blue, it grows kinder. The walk back to my dorm is lit a little, which is happy, but serves mainly to remind me how late it is.

Photo observation


2)Photo I took at Mchebes this summer


4) The way the flash hit makes the room and people look brighter but you see the darkness of the room as it trails back towards the the photo. It gives you that stillnees but craziness of nightlife.

Beja Photo Observation:

What, Where: One of my friend’s old photo projects. Street view with street lamps.

Theme: Nightlife

Description: I think this picture represents nightlife because it shows the mystery of night activity. The girl in the picture is being lit only by streetlamps on the left. It shades her face with an orange glow and makes and interesting halo on her face.

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Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Thursday March 3rd , 2011; 10PM, at Applebee’s in Baldwin

Objective Description: the restaurant was lit by lightly dim sealing lights, as well as altering colored neon lights above most of the tables.

Subjective Description: As I was eating I noticed the lighting generally was very dull and not intense. Above my seat was a bright blue chandelier style light hovering over the table. This spotlight light was giving some extra needed light. It was also interesting that the blue light above us was just as intense as the sealing lights.


Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Wednesday March 2nd , 2011; 10:30AMish, at the NAB

Objective Description: morning sun shining through the wall of glass windows.

Subjective Description: as I was walking up the stairs to the second floor of the NAB, I suddenly got the feeling of warmth. I was actually feeling it due to the intensity of the morning sun, and feeling it through the bright shade of yellow. I also found the spaces in between the glass window shadow interesting, because it appeared to retile the floor with a skewed shape.

Nightlife Light Observation #2

1)Februrary 27th, Lounge @ about 11 pm

2) Theme: Nightlife. Blue and green light pour over people slightly, illuminating a dark room.

3) It was interesting to see the light cast a profile shadow on many people. I couldnt really see well, but it was well enough to identify who I was with. There was a blue light that lit half of the space along with drops of other colors which gave a cool, night life feeling. So those colors used together along with  slight darkness proved to be  a good indicator of nightlife.