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1st lighting observation

1) March 3rd – 8:40 p.m – coming out of Nassau/Suffolk: It was on Thursday March 3rd I had my lighting “moment.”

2) As I was walking out of my building the sky was the deepest blue color I’d seen. It wasn’t the normal black of night but rather an interesting, unnatural looking blue that lit up the sky.

3) When I walked out of my building on Thursday night to head to my car I immediately noticed how blue the sky was. It was almost 9 pm but the world was still lit up by this deep blue hue. It was alarming because usually by that time of night the sky is dark and black  but not this night. It looked like it had been painted that color and the the stars were bright little dots in this deep blue. It was like the perfect summer night at the ocean looking sky. When you can see the stars perfectly and everything appears calm and serene. The deep blue of the sky made the night lit up in a different sort of way than it usually does. It wasn’t as dark out instead it seemed like it was 6 o’clock and just started to settle into night time. It was really a beautiful night and it felt warmer than usual too.

Happy pic.


2) I found this picture on flickr.

3) Theme: Happy

4) I chose this picture to represent “happy,” because when I think of light that makes me happy I think of the sun. Sunlight and the use of natural light are something simplistic and easy going to me. And when I’m my happiest I’m in an easy going mood without a care in the world. In this picture the sun’s light is so vibrant and strong that the glare from taking the picture makes the light source stretch out in all different directions. The light is also so bright that it casts a strong dark shadow the woman in the front of the picture. I also really liked how blue the sky looks in this photo and how many different shades of blue including the water there is. Everything from the deep blue of the water to the light baby blue up near the sun. Another thing I found interesting was the light that falls onto the water and seems to create a path of light if you will in the water. It looks like a fun, happy, carefree day at the ocean.