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Lighting Observation 1

1)   3/6/11- around 10 o’clock pm- walking from Lowe to the Library.

2)   The sky was an orange and yellow color.  It was cloudy and rainy and it was difficult to tell that it was actually cloudy.

3)   I was walking to print out photos and I glanced up at the sky.  It was then that I realized it was not the typical color I would expect.  I expected to look up and see black or grey because it was raining and it was nighttime.  Instead I looked up and saw this amazing orangeish yellow sky and it was so vivid.  It appeared to have no source but I figured that out to be the fact that the sky was cloudy.  It was a very interesting light because it reminded me of the sky in the picture Scream.  It had a warm feel to it, which I thought was very interesting because it was obviously raining and it was also cold.  The red, orange and yellow colors that were in it made it seem as though it was coming from the sun.  It was very similar to what a sunset would look like and it had many of the same qualities in terms of brightness, color and feel.



Happy Photo

2) Found from googling hot air balloons

3) Happy Photo

4) This photo of hot air balloons struck me as happy for a few reasons. First, the light is bright and crisp, it’s probably a great day for flying balloons. The sunlight is lighting up the whole valley and mountainside illuminating many verdant shades of green. It seems like a warm sunny morning where people are outside working or playing. The light is brightly reflecting off of each of the balloons showing all their rich colors. I think hot air balloons themselves create a whimsical and light-hearted mood that everyone can feel. Seeing a hot air balloon, slowly drifting through the sky, is enough to make me smile. The playful colors and idea of languidly watching the passing countryside makes me happy.