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Light Observation 6B

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/6/11; 11:00AM; Student Center Atrium

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: A blue light and and an amber light illuminating the Atrium

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There are several groups of blue and amber lights that are used to illuminate the Student Center Atrium throughout the day.  The mix of the blue and the amber provides simulated daylight.  It feels very natural because it is closer to real sunlight than one might be able to achieve by using just one light.  This mixing is very interesting and was a very intelligent design choice.

Light Observation 6A

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/7/11; 4:15PM; First floor of New Academic Building

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Circular fluorescent light in stairwell to basement

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light lit up the orange walls that it was placed on.  It created warm amber light that illuminated the stairwell.  It created a sense of warmth because the amber-white light from the fluorescent reflected off of the amber wall creating more of a warm glow.

Photo Observation 6


THEME: Happy

DESCRIPTION: This picture is of the finale of Wishes, a nightly fireworks show in Walt Disney World.  Fireworks most definitely give off a happy feeling whether it is on the Fourth of July, New Years or just any day during the year.  Fireworks are often associated with celebratory holidays throughout the year.  This picture was also taken place during the Christmas season, as the lights that sculpt Cinderella Castle twinkle throughout the night.

Photo Observation

2) I took this photo in Buchart Gardens in Canada.

3) Theme: Happy

4) I believe the lighting in this photo is happy.  I like the way the light shines from right to left and the light is of a clear and crisp quality.  The light is slightly yellow, which creates a happy feeling since yellow light can be associated with warmth and happiness.  The light in this picture is also bright and not dull, dark, grey or black.  With that in mind it seems to me as though The light in this picture actually brings out the color in the flowers and I believe that to be a happy quality.  I think happy light should bring out the best features compared to green light and dark light which would hide those features.  The light in this picture has a little bit, in my opinion, of a fantastical feel.  I mean to say that the light makes you feel as though your in a fantasy.  Lastly I really like how the light hits the trees in this photo and think it really make the trees come alive.

Light Observation 2

1)   3/7/11- 11 pm- Walkway in between dorms.

2)   There was an up light on a tree next to the walkway and the source was one of the street lamps.  It was a white light that spread a good distance.

3)   This lighting moment was good to me because it epitomized the idea of spooky lighting.  The streetlight shot light up underneath the tree and perfectly created long spooky shadows on the branches.  The tree had several branches and this helped the effect become more powerful.  The light that the streetlight emitted was white and that also contributed to the spookiness because the white light made it look harsh and scary.  This light spread throughout the whole tree and it was something you would see on Halloween as a decoration or something.  It really had that deep dark forestry feel and it was highly effective.  The other thing I noticed is that the branches were really only lit from one side and not the other.  This was hard to tell from a distance but when up close it was easy to see.  Overall it was a spooky moment.