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1.)google images
2.)a sun rise
3.)I chose this picture because i enjoyed the color mixing, and agreed that the colors used evoked a happy emotion from me

“Happy” Photo Observation


2) Stumbleupon

3) THEME: Happy

4) DESCRIPTION: The individual lanterns light seems to glow through the newly present darkness.  You can almost feel the warmth radiating from them. It appears happy to me because of the radiance the light adds to the photo.

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Photo Observation

Photo found on, by tropicaLiving.


THEME: Happy

DESCRIPTION: Though there are no happy people in this picture, I feel that these colors are most likely to represent happiness. They are very soft colors, but still diverse and interesting. The picture is rich, but light enough to still feel natural.

Light Observation1- Week 6

1.) 3/7/11, 10:05am, doctors office
2.) Objective: The fluorescent lights of the doctors office making glares off the lamenated posters on the wall.
3.) Subjective: Looking around the doctors office and seeing the glare from the sun and the fluorescent lights hitting the lamenated posters on CPR. Caught my eye!

Lighting Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Driving on the Belt Parkway over a train yard, sunset, 2/11

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I am driving over the train yard, the sun is setting and reflecting off of the trains below me. The sky over them, however, is still blue. The cars driving by leave dark shadows against the trains.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The cars seem to be transporting darkness with them, and leaving it in the train yard as they drive by. The colors are very saturated, but as the sun sets, the shadow cast on the train yard from the bridge is growing larger and larger. The trains look like rainbows that are slowly being drained of their color as the night sets in.

Photo Observation – Happy

Theme: Happy

To me, there is nothing more peaceful or happy than an untouched jungle, and the light shines through the trees in this picture, accentuating the beauty in the forest.

Lighting Observation 2

Where: Outside Breslin

When: Early wednesday

The sun was drifting in and out of clouds,

while the bright sun gave a warm and comforting feeling, the clouds would roll across the sun, changing the mood and creating a more ominous feeling. I found it fascinating how quickly the mood could change.

Lighting Observation 1

Where: My livingroom

When: Tues March 8

What: A lamp lighting half of my friend’s face softly, with the other half slightly darker as there wasn’t a light in the other half of the room

I liked this affect as the difference in lighting wasn’t so stark that it appeared overly dramatic, but it added some modeling and indication of environment subtly.