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Light Observation 6 B

1.) 3/10/11 – 11:30 pm ish – LIE between the exit for the Clearwater Expressway and the exit for the GCP

2.) Streetlights reflecting along warped asphalt creating distorted, S- shaped reflections

3.) Driving home last night I noticed the streetlights reflected on the road, but it was especially interesting because it had been warped by so many cars driving on it each day, which distorted the light into this cool S- shape. It looked like impressions made in the sand by a particular desert snake that rather than slithers will propel itself in a circular motion over vast sandy dunes. Or the wavelike rifts on a sandy plain after so much time the wind sliding across the malleable surface. It was really really cool.

Light Observation 6 A

1.) 3/10/11 – about 6:15 pm – at the walking intersection between Adams Playhouse and Calkins hall

2.) Street lamp light reflected in a large puddle with rain lightly falling into it

3.) This was a very beautiful and captivating moment, the amber light reflecting back almost white in the glassy pool only slightly disturbed by little droplets rippling along the top. It was strange to look at the streetlamp and see it as amber, then look down into the puddle and see it white, as though the two sides of a looking glass, or as though the puddle held another world. I watch the little drops racing headlong into that other world, that other dimension and wonder what there is on the other side? Once those little drops have reached their destination, do they turn white? Or blue, or purple? What becomes of these little beings so eager to join their friends on the other side of the looking glass?

Light Observation

1) 3/10/11- 5:00pm- Dempster Studio A

2) During a “tech” shoot we were setting lights up for a scene.  The light hit the camera on an angle and did not shine the way intended too.

3)The light was being bounced towards the actors from a “Baby Jr.” and for a second it the camera on an angle.  It looked old fashioned in a way.  The light exposed the detail to parts of the camera which made it look interesting.

Happy light observation

DATE-TIME-LOCATION:Queens Mar 7, 2010 6:46

2)Driving as light peeked over a building

3)The light pour over a tall building as I shifting gears. For a moment I was blinded, but withdrew into my shades. As I exited the beam of light, I removed my sun glasses and witnessed a great moment in lighting. The sun just barely scathed the top of the building as it was surrounded with nimbus clouds. For  that moment, everything seeming angelic and mystifying. I could see and feel intention from the sun. It felt benevolent. Immediately after I thought of the raisin bran commercial with the sun holding two scoops of raisins.

Happy Photo Observation

2) Charlie and the chocolate factory

3)Happy theme

4)This photo gives off a happy feeling because of the combination of brown chocolate and the green which is intensified by the light. It’s like a kid’s dream. There is a bridge made out of chocolate which is illuminated by the light above. The light also draws you into this chocolate fantasy.I like how the light doesn’t intensify the whole picture as to create this place that is better than where the characters just came from. The bridge is the first part with light intensity then a majority is found around the candy cane, alluding to some candy filled utopia.

Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: One of my friends old photo projects, plane window view of clouds.

Theme: Happy

Description: this picture is from a flight taken onto the clouds during the sunrise. It is interesting the amount of colors in the sky, like a rainbow, none of witch being too overwhelming. For me this picture says happiness because it makes me feel complete and fulfilled, possibly due to the complete spectrum in view.

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Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Monday March 7th, 2011; 6:59PMish, around the NAB

Objective Description: nighttime with blue artificial lights facing up the NAB walls

Subjective Description: As I left 55 this week, I was reminded of the effect lighting can have on a mood. The angle of the light cats an unnatural shadow in the sense that we are not usually viewing lighting from below. This gives it a spooky and mysterious effect. The shadows and blue color give the NAB a cold but stable feeling.

Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Thursday Mrch 10th, 2011; 10:00 PMish, in a car

Objective Description: red traffic light hitting raindrops on my car windshield

Subjective Description: As the car was coming to a full and complete stop, I noticed the rein droplets and light around it. The tops of the rain were red and it faded to orange with the streetlamps on the side, finally fading to a neutral clear. This fading effect was interesting to see, and gave me an energetic feeling.


Photo Observation-week 6


2) From my computer

3) Theme: Happy

4)When you look at this picture the main focus is the big hill in the middle. It seems as if the sun is a spotlight and shining only on that hill. everything around the hill in the desert looks dark and like its an abis. Nothing is more important than this hill. The sun illuminates and shines over this hill.