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Lighting Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/18/2011

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It is morning. Light is coming through the windows of the classroom and the panes of glass are sharply divided against the white walls of the room.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The brightness of the light makes the classroom feel welcoming and interesting. Though the walls are merely white, the yellow light coming through the windows seems to tint everything a light gold color.


1.)google images
2.)the saddness of the shadowing jumped out to me

Photo Observation: Sad

fluorescent on girl


Theme:  Sad

Description:  This photo gave me the impression of sad light because of the bright, cold fluorescent light that is hanging over the girl.  You can only see the girl’s back side and her head is down so she also looks sad.  The entire photo has a blue, unhappy quality to it.

Lighting Observation 1, Week 7

When/ Where:  New York City, 2:00pm

Objective Description:  Sun shining on building.

Subjective Description:  The sun was peaking out from behind the building on the left and shining brightly on the building on the right.  It made the buildings look powerful and extra tall.  It gave me the feeling that something was watching me from above in a strong and stern way.

Photo Observation

2)Theme: Sad

3) This instantly gives off a negative vibe. It makes me feel melancholy because of the darkness surrounding the person in the picture. There is obviously light coming from another room trying to brighten the mood, but is ineffective. Not only has the person choose to be in dark room, but they are on the edge of the wall, ever so close to the light, but not close enough to feel its effect. So you get the feeling there is no hope. Everything in this picture suggests some series of unfortunate events.

Light Observation

1) My basement: 9:38 pm, 3-16-11

2) part of my basement was lit and the tv was glowing through the other half of the room.

3) It looked as if there was some moment of jealousy between lights. The lights that were on only light up a small area, as the TV shone. There was just something sad about the combination of light. It wasn’t enough to change my mood , but not subtle enough to go unnoticed.

Light Observation

Queens road: 8:31, 3-15-11

2)The street light peering over one individual look sad

3)The peson was in half light and they were stand barely under the light of the street lamp, giving them a sad tone. They had their head down which enchance the dreary sad tone they tried to effortlessly to create. It was then I imagined that they had the worst life, and was just tired. Tired of all the crap they take at work and then go home to their house alone, unimpeded by any friends, which they don’t have.

Photo Observation-week 7



3) Theme: Sad

4) This photo has a dark an ominous feel.I love the way the moon cast a shadow on the tree and makes a mist over the background. This photo is very creepy and sad because it makes me feel alone. The main focus of the photo is the tree which is standing by itself and has no leaves and no beauty.