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Photo Observation.

This image is taken from – which seems to be some sort of travel blog.


Well, funny story about this photo: I found this while around for cathedral photos to get ideas for the lighting lab project. The light is very intense at its source in the center. It travels a great distance and fills a lot of space. It is so intense at its source that we can’t see the full length of the room. That is some powerful lighting.

Power Photo

2) User !ZEROsilencer from his/her deviant art account.

3) Power Photo

4) This photo represents power in so many ways. First is the obvious power contrast of color between the clouds and the pale brown desert. The clouds are completely black and incredibly massive, dominating the picture.The tornadoes are part of the clouds and add the the power of the photo as they touch the ground on both sides of the soldier’s head. This creates a powerful symmetry splitting the image down the center. The soldier in the foreground is holding a gun, another powerful symbol and is standing in awe of the tornadoes. The fact that the photo is primarily black and brown adds an interesting effect as well

Light observation #1

Location: Saturday 19th. Onstage during a performance of War of the Roses.

Objective Description: I am faced towards stage left during Richard III’s soliloque in act III. The lighting is very dim. A pool of light on the wall of the playhouse just downstage of the procinium stage left catches the actor’s shadow.

Subjective Description: I see something that in any other context would probably scare me. I try to enjoy it. I forget for a moment about the play, and focus on the story that that hunched shadow on the wall can tell. Is it the shadow of a murderer about to make a kill? Something creeping into a dark corner? Whatever the story, it is not the shadow of a benign being.

I am also briefly reminded of the origins of the word “Grotesque.” Allegedly, the word describes the paintings left by caveman on the walls of caves – or grottoes – and which feature figures with exaggerated features.

Lighting Observation 2 (Week 8)

1) Thursday 1 pm, Bits and Bytes sitting by the window

2) Light from a near noon sun through the glass window through water streaming down the window.

3) I was sitting in Bits and Bytes eating my delicious chicken parm and reading Deathrap, when I noticed water running down the window. Then i noticed the moving rivulets of water were casting a pattern on the bright white pages of my book. It was like a moving gobo pattern with shadows and bluish gray colors moving and changing quickly across the pages. The sunlight was bright and pure outside bringing out the colors of the grass and trees in contrast to the stark white and gray of the pattern on the book. The mood created a clean and refreshing feeling. It was a bright cheerful feeling.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 8)

1)  Tuesday March 22, 4PM, Unispan

2) Evening sunlight reflecting off cars and the unispan

3) When I was walking across the unispan I noticed the sun low in the sky in the late afternoon. It was just beginning to gather shades of orange that are common in sunsets. It reflected off the glass of the unispan and also off the backs of the cars on the road. The light cast thin shadows of our bodies across the floor of the unispan. The sun also cast bright reflections off the backs of the cars. The lighting created a warm, calming mood, similar to a feeling you get on a summer night, lazily relaxing in the warm air.

Lighting Observation for Great Justice

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Front Street while driving west, 6:20PM on March 24th

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun is setting, and shining directly in my eyes. There is oncoming traffic on the other side of the road, and it is casting shadows on the hood of my car as I drive down the street.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I feel as though the brightness of my surroundings is overwhelming. The sunlight is so bright that I can scarcely look into it, and yet the shadows in contrast are very dark. My eyes struggle to adjust to the light and shadow, but what I can make out is the bright green of the grass on either side of the road, which contrasts greatly with the damp tarmac of the street. It feels jubilant, as if the area is happy to have the sun again.


Lighting Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: NAB Black Box, 10PM on Tuesday, March 22nd

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The door to the stairwell from the mezzanine is open, and the stairwell is lit brightly. The blackbox is somewhat dim.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Against the black of the blackbox wall, it feels as though the door is a doorway into another realm. I feel as though it is a warmer, more welcoming place than the dim blackbox. It feels like an opportunity.

Lighting Observation

When: Tues Night

Where: My apartment

Objective: I was doing some photography for class and taking pictures of a friend of mine dancing. He was lit from a single light behind him and a dim light from the room adjacent.

Subjective: The shadows that he created when he was dancing would seem to extend the length of his legs so it looked as if he was almost floating. It also accentuated his movements.

Lighting Observation

Where: Brower

When: Monday Night

Objective: The light was shining in through the blinds of the window behind me onto the back of the person sitting in front of me. There was a tree outside the window that was blowing in the wind and changing the light coming into the room

Subjective: Only slight flickers of blurred light were able to get through the trees and the blinds. These were flashing all over as the wind moved the trees outside, creating an almost lightning bug affect. This would also trick my eyes into thinking there were things moving when it was merely the light.

Photo Observation


To me there is nothing more powerful than mother earth, and the wave in this is a good symbol of her power. The light brings your attention to each wave and ripple and then forms a powerful circle of light.