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Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) I found this image on Google images and this is the website it actually comes from.

3) Theme: Funny

4) I thought the lighting in this painting was funny because it is so abstract.  When I think of funny lighting I think of lighting that is misplaced or is something that you would not expect and this painting, I thought shows this pretty well.  I also associate a lot of colors with lighting that make me feel, as though it is funny.  The rainbow of colors is funny to me because it is so different from the natural light that should be in the painting.  I think lighting is funny when it catches you by surprise and is something that you completely don’t expect.



Light Observation 2 Devin Gee

1)   3/29/11- 9:00 pm- The stoop of the Emily Lowe building.

2)   The two old fashioned looking lights that light up the entrance of Lowe.

3)   I noticed that almost every light on Lowe is a yellowish light except for the two lights that light up the entrance.  These two lights look like old-fashioned gas lamps and it really makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time.  The light is white which is unusual but in contrast with the yellow it is interesting to look at.  They put out a very ominous kind of light and while walking into Lowe it almost feels like a flashback or that you’re going back in time.  I never really noticed them before but now every time I enter Lowe I think of old times when they had those kinds of lights outside of a lot of the buildings and they would come around and individually light them every night.  These lights send me back in time, every time I look at them now.


Lighting Observation 1 Devin Gee

1)   3/28/11- 8:00pm – A room inside a building that is directly across from bits and bites.

2)   There was a blue light coming from a room in a building.  The light filled the whole room and spilled out of the windows completely.  It was so blue that it made it difficult to see inside.

3)   This blue light was so saturated and vibrant that it really caught my eye.  The light is mysterious because it is an unusual color to be coming from a classroom.  The deep blue matched the night and it really felt like a nighttime color or one that could represent night.  The interesting thing about this light is that it created an after image.  It was so vibrant that after only looking at if for a brief moment, the blue color stayed in my vision for a good while after I stopped looking at it.  This was a very unnatural light that seemed very fantastical for the time and place it was at.