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2nd lighting observation

1) March 30th – 10:15 p.m – outside Lowe, in front of the Playhouse: walking out of rehearsal on Wednesday night I had my second lighting moment.

2) Students were shining single, spot lights on the ground and onto the front of the Playhouse. When I came out of lowe I noticed this along with the bare tall tree that was in front of my view.

3) Having the tree to the right of the Playhouse with its bare branches and its spotted trunk added a eery, Halloween feeling to the light that was being cast on the doors of the Playhouse. Some students had placed spot lights on the ground in front and where casting light, illuminating the entire front of the theatre. I came out of Lowe and noticed not only the theatre but the tree branches that came into view in front of it. I felt like I was in an eery, secluded town on Halloween night with a bare, stark tree and a haunted theatre in the background.

1st lighting observation

1) March 30th – 9:15 a.m – lighting classroom upstairs in Lowe: I had my first lighting moment of the week while sitting in lighting class on Wednesday morning.

2) The light came from pictures that were in a glossy holder that was being passed around the room. The sunlight from outside reflected off the glossy finish and onto different areas of the room.

3) I became distracted while in class on Wednesday when the boy sitting next to me was flipping through different photos that were contained in a protective covering sheet. The natural light of the sun shown through the blinds and onto the covering and reflected onto the walls and into people faces. It was an orbit like white, bright light and it was moving as he was looking through, picture by picture. It wasn’t a consistent, full light, instead it had dark shadowy areas and appeared to me to look almost like a crystal ball that was popping around the room. One minute it was one place and the next in another.

funny pic.


2) I found this photo at which was accessed through goggle images.

3) Theme: funny

4) I chose this photo as “funny” because I thought the objects themselves were funny, and odd looking but also because of the unknown light source coming through them. In the picture it appears difficult to see what the source is as well as where it would be placed and how the heck it got there. I also really like the shape of the light, just a round circular globe of white/amber light that takes on the form of the unknown object. It’s also interesting to me that there are so many of them, I’m curious as to what they are used for and why.