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Lighting Observation #16

1.) Wednesday Mar. 30 2011, 10:30 P.M. Hempstead Turnpike.

2.) Lit residential towers off in the distance.

3.) Because of the ugly quality overhead fluorescent lighting our dorms, I was surprised when, seeing the residential towers off in the distance on the turnpike, the lights coming through the windows were a variety of colors. The towers were like a miniature city skyline, with points of light of varying colors and sizes. It was really impressive, given the architecture. The variety was pleasing to the eye in an asymmetrical way, and it just seemed cool, and made me feel cool as well. A very hip image.

Lighting Observation #15

1.) Thursday Mar. 31 2011, 5:20 P.M. My dorm room.

2.) Clean grey light through the blinds casting shadows on my bed.

3.) It was about the time of day where I get up to turn on a lamp because the natural light from outside isn’t enough to read by. But the light coming in through my blinds was a cold but inviting grey, a very crisp kind of grey. It was the kind of rainy weather that makes you happy rather than sad, and the light reflected this. Also, the blinds had fallen a little closed, so the striping of the incoming light across my bed was really interesting. It was a very smooth lighting moment.

Lighting Observation 2 (Week 9)

1) Monday, Bathroom in Davison, 8:30 PM

2) Lamppost diffused through window

3) So you know how a bathroom window is frosted so you cant see through it?

Kinda like this

I was in the bathroom at night and I looked out the window and noticed that I could see the orange glow of a lamp post through the window. It was diffused by the window and was just an orange sphere. As you looked away from the source, the light changed from a royal blue to navy and then to black around the edges of the window. The window reminded me of a warm summer night outside and created a soothing relaxed feeling despite the bad smell of the bathroom.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 9)

1) Tuesday, around 1PM, shop in the NAB

2) Sunlight coming through the windows of the shop

3) I was walking past the shop in the NAB when I noticed the interesting light emanating from the room. All the inside lights were off and the only light was coming through the windows. Perhaps there were some clouds blocking the sun or something, but the sunlight was creating a very blue tint in the shop. The entire shop was blanketed in pale blue grey. The grey walls and silver machinery of the shop really amplified this color change. It created a very sad and empty feeling. The shop was devoid of life and was silent and the dim blue light created a layer of loneliness and cold isolation.

Photo Observation: Funny


Theme:  Funny

Description:  I found this picture funny not only because of the silly face the child is making, but mostly because of her hair.  The way the light is behind her all of the hairs on her head look like they’re glowing and electric.  The bright light on the blonde hair gives this picture a very amusing effect.  The hairs remind me of a sea anemone, which is funny because this child is clearly not a sea creature.

Light Observation 9 B

1.) 3/31/11 – 12:30 pm ish – outside Calkins Hall

2.) Overcast light modeling a bare branch tree with water droplets

3.) This was kinda fun since last night I had observed a different tree modeled by a street lamp to then see a different tree modeled by similar angles but different light color and source. Because it was also a tree with naked branches and water droplets the light had a similar glow to it, but because it was an overcast day the light was colder, grayer in many ways it looked more pure, less filtered. This increased the mystical feel of the light being refracted in the water droplets.

Lighting Observation 2, Week 9

When/ Where:  Parking lot, 10pm

Objective Description:  Rain-covered tree under street light

Subjective Description:  The water droplets on the tree all shone in the street light to it looked like it was lighted up at the top.  The tree looked pretty and gentle and like someone had carefully placed all the water drops on it on purpose.  It looked very romantic.


Photo Observation 9

1.) Denis Smith Photography, found on Flikr

2.) Funny

3.) I feel like this photo fits the “funny” theme for a couple reasons, the first of which is that when I think of “funny” or comic lighting I think of bright, vibrant color which this certainly is. The main reason I picked this however, is because this pink ball of light has its own personality; I look at it and it’s like a cute but toughy girl walking down the street going home from the club late at night. She tough and confident enough to walk down this alley fearlessly and I think she’s respected for that. Also, the light glows pink on graffitied wall which brings this interesting and kind of funny element to the photo as a whole.


I couldn’t resist I HAD to include this one hehehe.

Light Observation 9B

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/30/11; 11:00PM; Republic Hall Laundry Room

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Overhead light from hallway shines through window in laundry room door

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The small laundry room was dark as I opened the door.  When I shut the door, the light from the hallway illuminated the room.  The light felt unnatural because it was coming from outside the room, it was fluorescent, and it cast a sharp angled shadow on the washing machines.  Once I turned the laundry room light on, the light from outside blended in and disappeared.

Lighting Observation 1, Week 9

When/ Where:  Midday, NYC

Objective Description:  Sun shining on buildings.

Subjective Description:  The way the sun hit the buildings they all looked like they were different colors, even though they were all the same.  It gave them a cartoon like quality, like someone had colored them all with different crayons.  It made the city look silly and vibrant.