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Photo Observation

Photo Found On:

3) THEME: Large

4) DESCRIPTION: Admittedly, a large (no pun intended) part of the bigness created in this picture is due to the angle. However, the lighting really helps. The person in this image is more lit than the ceiling; if it’s not because flash was used than there was front lighting. The way the lighting illuminates his neck almost the same as his face helps to create the illusion that his face and neck are the same surface, as opposed to being at different levels as the actually are. The shadows on the right side of the picture also help make the subject seem larger than life; he stretches beyond where light can reach him.


Lighting Observation

4.27.2011, 1:00 PM, my room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I taped an Apollo star gobo over my lamp. The bulb in the lamp at the time was a stained glass bulb. Light was cast in octagonal shapes on the ceiling. It was very dim, although multicolored.
3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This was a lesson in failed experiments. I wasn’t sure if putting the gobo over the lamp would work, I suspected it wouldn’t, but hoped it would. However, the light cast had a very interesting shape, created both by the bulb and the gobo over the lamp.

Lighting Observation 2- Week 13

1) 4/27/11, 4:22pm, Outside of Nassau/Suffolk

2) Objective: Looking up at a streetlight illuminating the fog

3) Subjective: Walking to class on this dark, wet and dreary day. I looked up at the streetlight and it was so gross outside that you could see the driplet of the fog whisping through the air.

Lighting Observation

1) 4.19.2011, maybe 4:00 PM or so, a bridge from New York in to New Jersey

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I know I’ve written about fog before, but wow. I could not see anything from either side of the bridge; the entire sky was grey.
3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It felt like I was on a bridge in the abyss. If there’s a line of cars one needs to sit in to get drive in to heaven, or maybe hell, then that’s what it would look like. On that bridge, nothing else existed. I could see ahead of me. I could see behind me. But the moment the bridge ended on either a side all that existed was a thick, impenetrable wall of grey. It was terrifying, depressing, and disorienting.

Light Observation 1- Week 13

1) 4/28/11, 11:30pm, SocialSports Kitchen

2) Objective: The Social Logo shining on the floor from gobo in the source 4!

3)Subjective: Walking through the doors of the lounge and seeing this bright light shining down towards your feet. You look down and see ” Social Sports Kitchen” shining on the floor and illuminating your night.

Photo Observation- Week 13

2) from my summer pics

3) Theme: Large

4) The light from my awesome fire shows how one small thing can create such a huge light. The range and distance the light went and how bright it was covered the whole campsite and a few others.

Lighting Observation 2- Week 12

When/ where:  Outside of Cafe on the Quad, 12pm

Objective Description:  Shadow of branches.

Subjective Description:  The branches from the tree above me cast a shadow on the table I was sitting at.  It made the stone table look very jumbled and complex looking because of the opposing patterns.  It looked busy and hectic.

Photo Observation: Large


Theme:  Large

The way this bathroom is lit and colored makes it look bigger and more spacious than it actually is.  The light from above makes the ceiling seem higher when the light also is reflected off of the white tile floor.  The fixtures in the room are fairly small which also helps the room look larger.  The way the light reflects off the curved edge of the bath tub makes the tub look longer than it is as well.

Photo Observation 12 ish

1.)Image taken from

2.) Large

3.) I really liked this image of the Eiffel Tower because the light doesn’t accentuate the size of the tower, but instead minimized it. Instead, the size of the fountains is emphasized and made to look much larger than ther are@ In fact, they look almost as big as the tower itself! I looked this and though it beautiful and interesting!

Lighting Observation- Week 12

When/Where:  Mineola Train Station, 11pm Monday

Objective Description:  Street light in the fog.

Subjective Description:  The street light made the fog surrounding it an eerie orange color.  The lamp made me feel mournful and sad.  It looked like it belonged in a depressing music video.