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Lighting Observation 9b

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Inside the library, sitting at Pura Vida.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I am looking through the glass bookshelves at the track lighting in the main part of the library. Outside it is gray and dull, but inside every surface is clean, bright, and reflective.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The library feels like a clean room. All of the clean (but still warm) lights are reflecting off of the reference desk, the bookcases, and the windows, keeping the light contained in the building. The brushed steel of the ceiling reflects down as well, making for a very cheerful, sterile environment.

Lighting Observation 9a

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Pura Vida, 8 AM on 4/1

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It is cloudy and dull outside. There is no visible light source, but the clouds are a white-gray. I am looking through the trees at Hofstra Hall.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The atmosphere feels hopeless. The gray of the sky is reflected in puddles and paints the evergreens a dull blackish green. The lights in Hofstra Hall are on, giving the idea of warmth far away from me.


Photo Observation

Found on, , by Andreas Gessi.

Theme: Funny

Light painting is a very interesting subject to me. I feel that this picture conveys “funny” because of the picture drawn and the pose of the people, but I like that the light is the reason the picture looks absurd, not just the pose. I also enjoy the lighting of the building in the background. I feel like it is lit like a night landscape, despite the people that are clearly the subject in front of it.

Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: two sided light bulb,

Theme: Funny

Description: This picture portrays humor due to it change from reality. At first it appears the light is resting unplugged, but it is magically lit. this amusing lighting makes a mystical lighting effect onto the notepad


Photo Observation #8

Lava Lamp Night Light

Courtesy of (


This is a picture of an actual night-light available online. Not only is the image itself funny, but the light itself has a funny kind of parodic feel to it. It seems like a mockery of the kind of epic lighting effects you’d see in sci-fi, with the pinkish rays splayed across the wall (just imagine the “Also sprach Zarathustra” theme from 2001). It goes beyond showing the product in action, and tries to fit the sense of humor of the type of person who would invest in it. I have a  joking, jovial kind of feeling seeing real lighting this silly. It makes me think that a lava lamp would make an awesome practical lighting effect onstage. I may buy one of these.

Photo Observation

2) My photo of my niece

3) Theme: Funny

4) This picture depicts funny lighting because of the glow it gives to her facial features. It brightens up all the characteristics in here face and if you look at the picture closely in here face., arms and legs the lighting highlights these areas.

Photo Observation

This photo was taken by my sister.


Ok, the only thing funny about the lighting in this photo is the pyrotechnics shooting up out of the mast. Everything else is pretty serious, and grim, and dark, and jarring – the pyrotechnics out the mast seem pointedly festive or manufactured, which lends them a kind of out-of-place funniness.

Light Observation 2- Week 9

1) 3/31/11,  8:30pm, inside car

2) Objective: Looking at the raindrops falling infront of the car lights.

3) Subjective: Sitting in the car looking down the road as we drive, I couldn’t help but notice the raindrops falling infront of the car. You can see the raindrop true size and it looks like the rain is falling in slow motion.

Lighting Observation 1-Week 9

1) 3/30/11, 11pm, Hofstra USA

2)Objective: Intelligent lights on top of a banton covered with a white, sheet, flexible with cyc lights inside.Also, frosted tables with cyc lights inside.

3)Subjective: In Hoftsra Usa for an event. Lights are completely off and all you see are the tables, disco ball, moving lights and bantons shining colored lights. The strobe light would hit the the disco ball and shine more lights and colorful dots all over the room.