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Light Observation 10 A

1.) 4/2/11 – 6 pm -ish – Subway car

2.) Overhead strip light on the Subway shining down on people sitting, reflections of people in subway windows

3.) Riding into the city the other day I started to look at myself in the reflection off the window directly across from where I was sitting. I started to notice that the light coming down from directly above me was modeling my face in an interesting way, it brought out a sharp highlight on my forehead and cheekbones and accentuated the shadows under my cheeks and the bags under my eyes. This is not the first time that I’ve noticed this modeling effect, but as I started to look at the other on the train I started to realize that nobody looked as modeled as my reflection. So I started to look at people’s faces in the light, and where possible look at their reflection in the window; I found that everyone looked more… skeletal I guess in the reflection than in reality. I’m not entirely certain why that is, but I think it’s because there’s enough fill light on the car in general that people look normal, but the reflection doesn’t catch the fill light, only the top light. It’s kinda freakish, honestly. You look at someone but then their reflection is a hallowed skeletal version of themselves; it remind me of vampire type lore!

Photo Observation 10

1. Found both images at

2. Romantic, also Vibrant, Saturated

3. I couldn’t decide between these two incredible and beautiful sunset images. Both have these incredible pink and purples that I was very drawn to because they almost don’t feel real! I mean, they don’t look unnatural, yet the color is so delicate it seems like a watercolor. Add to that the silhouetted¬† stones and the lavender reflection on the beach and it’s really, really romantic. The second images is also very romantic, I’m drawn to the brilliant reds reflecting on the water’s surface. It’s really incredible in both of these instances to see not only the stunning color of the light in the sky, but how that colored light reflects off other surfaces, namely the water and the sand in the first images.