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1.)my lighing moment this week was early in the morning while i was waking up on wed.
2.)it was a gray light coming from the window with a tint of golden yellow
3.(this was hopeful to me, and it was there is a light at the end of the tunnel. gold at the end of the rainbow, and HOPE!
2.)this was supernatural
3.)the color of the light creamed out to me, the direction of the light i loved as well.

1) Mar 3, 2011. 5:14 Dorm Tower

2)Dealer’s Choice

3) Sunlight illuminating past some trees and against building.

4) There was a ray of sunlight that beamed down on the ground. It made me feel great. The shadows made from the trees hit from sunlight added to the good feeling, making it look cool. There was minimal shadow and everything looked like a great day, or evidence of one.

2)Theme: Dealer’s Choice-Creepy

3) I get an eerie feeling when I look at this. When I took this picture I wanted to get a lonely and scary feeling. A feeling that anything can and might jump up and surprise you at anytime. So there are street lights that make you feel slightly safe. Most of the terror comes from the parts not lit much, like to the left and right of the person. The christmas lights add a creepy effect because they try to light, showing you someone lives or lived there, but there’s not enough light for you to trust them. The lights mostly hit the roofs of the buildings. Mostly you get a cold  damp feeling.

Light Observation

1) 2:00 P.M- 2/9/11 Lower level of of Library

2)Theme:Dealer’s Choice

3)  Flickering lights through a long row of books. Following by darkness at the end.

4) The best way to describe what it looks like down there is the opening scene of “Ghost Busters”.

There was an eerie feeling I had, which made me feel as if someone was watching or that something will happen. The flickering light on the row of books coupled with the perspective of the long row of books, makes me not want to work down there sometimes. The lower library floor is creepy on its own and the light just really intensified the ominous feeling of impending doom. I can correlate the flickering light to a disturbance by some intangible force.

Photo Observation

What, Where: One of my friend’s photo projects, her name is Ashley, she is near candles, its exciting.

Theme: Dealers Choice: Candles

Description: This picture portrays concern because of the unnatural angle of shadow made by the candles onto Ashley’s face. It also has a disturbing amount of curiosity about the story she is telling, due to the pure darkness behind her. I find the symmetry in the sources to be interesting and playful, but the orange glow to be frustrating and illumination.

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Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Wednesday April 6th, 2011; 9:30AMish, coliseum deli

Objective Description: walking out the back door in the lightly dim hallway

Subjective Description: in the back of the deli there is little light distribution. On this particular Wednesday the sky looked white with a ominous glow. Upon exiting through the clear door I could see the reflection and shining light from the exit more than the indoor lighting and it made my journey to the car more epic as the song “the final countdown” was stuck in my head.


Beja Light Observation:

Date, Time, Location: Tuesday April 5th, 2011; 7:10 PMish, the warehouse at my place of work

Objective Description: single light bulbs located every ten feet, near exposed piping and wires.

Subjective Description: At work I was making a delivery to the storage space. The lighting was ominous because of the harsh shadows in the hallway. There were pools of darkness every three feet, and when the orange tinted light managed to pierce through, some light was obstructed by the exposed wires and pipes; making a spider web pattern on the floor and wall.

Photo Observation

From: Astronautalis’ Facebook page.

Theme: Dealer’s Choice

4) DESCRIPTION: I think this is a very swanky image. The lighting and quality capture a very rugged masculinity that is usually ascribed to cowboys or 1950’s, leather wearing, “bad boys.” There is something sort of mysterious about the image created by the heavy shadows around the subject. The subject himself is cast in partial darkness, with his feet and arms being less distinguishable. This picture looks dirty, but in a way that is almost desirable; the subject looks like he just doesn’t care about anything. Another interesting part of the lighting in this image is the greenish tint that the photo has.

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Lighting Observation

1) 4-7-2011, 2:00 PM, Hempstead Turnpike

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking down the street when saw open the ground, laying at my feet, a broken glass, for beer. I thought, what ass would leave this here? But instead of walking by, because the light caught my eye, I reached down, and picked the bottle up off the ground. I held it up right by my eye, and then I faced it towards the sky, and walked with my filter of broken glass, to make the walk to the speigel pass. The world around me was shimmering brown, and Hempstead looked like an old timey town; which vintage movie characters might call their home, because everything was in sepia tone.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light through the broken beer bottle was very interesting. The world appeared to be very wavy and in shades of brown; ironically, what some people see when they are drunk (more the wavy-ness than the brown).

Lighting Observation

1)4-7-2011, 3:00 PM, Design Room

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The lights are off in the design room, but on one table, in the corner by the windows, is a large box that lights up internally, and has a see through top. The light is very bright, and is lighting up the rest of the room.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: More than anything, I found this light to be surprising. When I looked through the window in the door, I saw that the lights were off, but the room was slightly lit up. The light looked natural enough, so I assumed the windows were open. When I walked in to the room, I saw that the light was actually coming from a huge box in the corner of the room. It looked like the arc of the covenant from Indiana Jones, and for a brief second I fantasized about my face being melted off, before walking forward and learning that it was actually for tracing.