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1st lighting observation

1) April 10th – 10 pm – Suffolk dorm room: I had my lighting moment while on the fifth floor of suffolk on Sunday night.

2) The light came from the outside. It was foggy and the amber street lights were trying to cut through the dense fog.

3) As I looked out the fifth floor window of my friends dorm room I noticed the dense fog that had seemed to suddenly appear. The fog was thick and eerie looking. It didn’t help that I was looking down into a parking lot and the color of the street lights was shinning its artificial, depressing, amber color. This all added to the feel that the light through the fog gave off. Outside it looked like goblins where on the attack and they were hiding in the fog but would appear in the pools of light that were shinning down below the street lamps. It was dark out and the fog added a grey tint to the night. It was very ominous out.

party pic.


2) I found this photo through google images. The photo came from

3) theme: party

4) I chose this picture to represent party because of all the artificial light that it has. When I think of light at a party I think of the use of different bright colors and as well as the foggy, unclear, hot mess atmosphere that people are usually in when at a party. This picture has all of this and I really liked the colors as well as that feeling of being disoriented and lost in a sea of parters when I look at this picture. I thought it represented the theme well.