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Photo Observation

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So, “Party.”

Well, one of the things I think about with parties is obnoxious lighting. Somehow, this  translated to “just search for laser shows.” Laser shows are the most obnoxious of the obnoxious lights that I affiliate with parties. This particular picture jumped out at me because not only did it feature the most obnoxious lighting I know of, but it used that lighting to imply that there’s one hell of a Halloween party going on.

Photo Observation


Found on, by Zagham Islam, URL:


THEME: Party

DESCRIPTION: The slow shutter in this picture illustrated the brightness of the atmosphere, and I enjoy the warm feeling that is left by the warm yellow and red lights, as well as the clear modeling of the “ghost” hands, in contrast with the dark shadows of the people.

Light Observation 11B

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 4/14/11; 11:00PM; Republic Hall Entrance

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: light mounted on building illuminates entrance

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The amber of the light illumated the sliding door into Republic Hall.  Since it is one of the only “focused” lights in the courtyard, it felt as though it were saying “you are here”.  Due to the deep amber color, the light feels very industrial and somewhat unnatural.

Light Observation 11A

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 4/14/11; 8:00PM; Liberty/Republic Hall Courtyard

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: streetlight uplighting tree behind Liberty Hall

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The amber of the streetlight created shadows on the leafless tree behind Liberty Hall.  The shadows on the tree created an ominous feeling.  The tree loomed over the building and the light caused it to be seen.

Light Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 10:00 PM, upstage left corner of the blackbox in the NAB, Thursday, 4/14

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There is no light in my corner except that of the clip light hanging from the ceiling. It is a cool blue, and reflects onto the dark colored wall. Someone has used a trick cigarette, and the powder released disperses in the beam of light.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The blue light feels like a beacon of hope in darkness, despite its cool tone. It splashes the dark wall like paint being thrown, and the particles in the air glow like a dense fog.

Photo Observation 11


THEME: Party!

DESCRIPTION: The dance floor at the Sweet Sixteen is covered in light from the moving lights that the DJ brought.  The saturated patterns pan and spin across the dance floor to the beat of the music.  The haze shows the beams of light cutting through the air.  Everyone dances in and out of the beams of light.

Lighting Observation

1) April 13th, Noon, outside Bits and Bytes

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It was just about to rain. A lot. The sky was grey, completely grey. Outside, there was a little light as seemed possible for the middle of the day.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sky looked blank. Completely grey. Very depressing. One could tell by looking up how much it was going to rain later that day. There was tension in the clouds, the sky was such an intense grey that it looked as if the clouds needed to explode outwards. And the did.

Lighting Observation

1) April 13th, 1:00 AM, Outside Lowe

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It was very foggy when I stepped outside. The lights from the playhouse, as well as the street lamps lower down were lighting up the fog in a way that illuminated the fog completely, and captured how thick it was.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The fog looks like a thick wall of smoke wafting over the campus. It is large and ominous, and yet the yellow light of the street lamps also gives this cloud a sort of welcoming feel. Something between wanting to stand in the center of the fog, and not knowing what will happen if I do.

Photo Observation

FROM: Gryphean O’Shea’s facebook, Plur Life

What I like most about this picture is how well the light is capturing the emotions of the subjects. The two people in the foreground of the picture are having a great time, and the light in the background is a blast of bright yellow, orange, and green. The lights are very joyous. When I think of lights at a party, I think of something bright almost to the point of being obnoxious, and colorful, just like the lighting in this picture. Interestingly, the other type of lighting I can think of for parties is light that is very dim and limited. Parties rarely have lighting this “normal.”

Photo Observation Party










Theme: Party

Where: Raver’s Only 10th Anniversary

I picked this picture because to me, party lighting isn’t just about what lights are set up in the room, it is about how the people bring lighting affects. In this picture, the lighting effects are mostly coming from the crowd, and it is merely accentuated by the club lighting. In my opinion, even if the lighting at a party is good, it doesn’t mean that it is a good party, but if the crowd is involved in the lighting, it usually is a better time.