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Lighting Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 4/12/2011, On the Quad

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There are pink flowers on the trees, and the sunny day has caused them to appear almost translucent, leaving little pink patterns on the ground. As people walk underneath, the flowers leave that pink pattern on them.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Because it is so bright, the scene feels very cheerful. The pink tones make the moment feel softer than the bright sun, but the whole scene screamed “spring” to me. As people pass underneath, it seems like I am viewing them through a kaleidoscope.


Photo Observation:


What, Where: iPod Advertisement


Description: This picture portrays a party due to the bright color background and silhouette, displaying a enthusiastic party goer. i appreciate the bright color and white in the advertisement aspect to draw attention and enthusiasm.

Light Observation 1- Week 1

1) 4/13/11, 8:47pm, student center parking lot

2) Objective: walking back from the student center parking lot to Nassau Suffolk and looking at the Soccer Fields bright lights.

3)Subjective: As I was walking a bright light in the distance caught my eye. It shown over all of the soccer field and most of the parking lot.

Photo Observation- week 11


3) Theme: Party

4) Its a dark with purple lighting and small glimpse of an orange and yellow light in the background over the bar. The strobe lights in the back highlight the NASA sign because it was a NASA party. All you see is fun lighting and people having  fun.

Party Photo



From denim and diamond girls website. A Kansas City Escort Girl site. This is an example of an event you’d take a girl to apparently


4) Instead of going for a out of control type of college party with binge drinking and orgies, I decided to take a classier approach. I wanted to pick a type of ball or gala party, something luxurious and decadent. This party seems like its only for the richest of the rich and the lights provide a soothing yet sensual backdrop to this fancy event. The candles are soft and inviting and the blue and purple on the drapes are lovely.

Lighting Observation 2 (week 11)

1) Wednesday, 9PM walking outside Hofstra Hall

2) Soccer stadium lights diffused in the sky

3) I was walking back from work around 9, when it should have been dark out when I noticed I could see quite easily. I looked at the sky and the fog and mist was all reflecting the bright white lights from the soccer stadium. This created a soft whiteish purplish glow across the whole sky and was in actuality a very good light source. The strange white light of the sky created a strange surreal feeling as the night was illuminated. It was similar to the color of light you get when lighting strikes and everything is bright, but this light was constant and a little softer.

Light Observation

LOCATION-DATE: Home Block, 12am. May 9


SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I  came home and two street lights were off surrounding one in the middle. This gave a creepy, yet cool effect. Lighting only one area, which reminding me of those old detective movies. As I walked by I thought of wearing a long trench coat and a fedora, chain smoking a pack of cigarettes under the one light, as I wait for my contact.But anyway… It was cool.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 11)

1) Sunday 11PM, Driving back to campus from my friend’s apartment

2)Light from the Marriott Hotel

3) It was a dark and stormy night. Ok, not really stormy but there was a lot of fog and a light mist coming down and it was cold and dark. As we were driving back, I saw the Marriott Hotel’s distinctive red sign in the distance. Instead of looking inviting and warm, the fog shrouded it and it took on a very ominous look as if it were in a horror movie. The bright red was a diffused crimson against the dark sky. Lights were also coming from below as they illuminated the base of the building and shot cones of foggy light upward adding to the unnatural feeling. It was quite creepy.

Party Photo Observation


3)This actually is pretty awesome. The lighting insinuates a party because there are so many different lights, making the scene look busy without there actually being any people there. I like how the rarity of blue draws you into the center of the photo. Also I love how there is that area of shadow in the corner of the page, which has many possibilities in terms of actor blocking. This picture just makes me feel lively, as the trees are  lit up in red and blue, but there are some white light lamps inside the tents. The pattern of shadow created is very cool effect.