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Photo Observation Devin Gee

2) This is a picture I took while I was in the city about a year ago and it is of Rockefeller Center.

3) Theme: Large

4) The lighting in this picture depicts largeness because of the way is fades out.  The angle of the picture helps but it really comes down to the fact that the light fades as you go to the top of the picture and this creates the illusion that the building continues on and is really much larger than it appears.  This type of lighting makes the building look limitless and very large in size because we cant see the whole building so our minds have to fill in the rest and therefore it creates the idea that the building is much larger than it really is.


Light Observation 2 Devin Gee

1)   4/26/11- 8:30 pm- Outside Kate and Willys

2)   The sky was lit up very brightly with seemingly no source and it was a white colored light.

3)   This lighting moment was similar to one I had before except for one distinct difference and that being it is a white colored light.  This light lit up the whole sky and it seemed to have no source.  It reminded me of the light that you would see a stadium put off.  When you go to a baseball game or football game the lights are really really bright and they have a distinct white quality to them.  This light had a very similar quality and it really opened up the sky just like the lights in a stadium do.  The light felt really energetic and I think it is because that s what the kind of lighting in a stadium feels like too and it really just made me feel lively and want to be active and excited.  The light was also shining through mist so it gave it a cool shading and made it fade in and out at different spots in the sky.  It is very interesting that the white light gave off the feeling of cold especially with the mist too but in fact it really wasn’t a cold night.


Light Observation 1 Devin Gee

1)   4/23/11- between 4 to 6 pm- Church during a wedding in Stockton

2)   The lighting coming through the stain glass windows in the church.

3)   This lighting moment was a happy one.  The bright and colorful lighting that came through the stain glass windows of the church created a happy feeling.  Along with the fact that two people were getting married and the atmosphere was already in good spirits, the lighting complimented the feeling of joy and delight.  The light was very colorful and bright; the different colored glass acted like gels and created the whole rainbow of colors.  The brightness was also important in that it made everything feel open and airy.  The association of light through a stain glass window with a wedding and happiness is now in my head and it seems almost fantastical to me like it is a kind of lighting and feeling you would see in a movie or in dreams.  Now whenever I see light shining through a stain glass window I will automatically feel joy.