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Photo Observation

This was taken from the Boston Globe online at Posted there on May 28th, 2009.


The sources of light in this picture, the windows, are very tall. The angle at which we see them is very steep, suggesting that in addition to being very tall, they are also very high up. This in turn suggests that the space we are in, of which we can only see a portion, is extremely large.

2.)A chandelier the light reflecting off of it is in spirals with shadows of the gold on the chandelier.
3.)This was the feeling of bright and success


Lighting Observation

Location: Behind Hofstra Hall, also about 8:45pm on the 28th.

Objective Description: I am in a pool of light, trying to write my last lighting observation in my notebook. My own shadow frequently gets in the way.

Subjective Description: I’m a little irked trying to write. I’m also a little self conscious, thinking what I must look like standing in a pool of light with a notebook, and constantly turning it to try to get light where I’m writing instead of shadow. The light and shadow on the page of the book are constantly changing, and trying  to write consistently is futile – as I write, the shadow of my hand chases me, and blocks out everything I’ve written – I can take it only one letter at a time.

Lighting observation;

Location: South Campus, between Hofstra Hall and Phillips Hall, 8:45pm, 28th

Objective Description: I am on a sidewalk, looking south towards Calkins. The light from several street lamps is on the sidewalk between me and Calkins, as well as the shadows from trees. I can see the door of Calkins illuminated by a lamp hung above it.

Subjective Description: There is something in the image of the lit doorway and the sidewalk leading to it that welcomes challenge. It beckons, but menaces. There is distance to cover. It stands out. It becomes a goal that I view with anxiety and curiosity.

Photo Observation (Large)

Theme: Large

When I think of lighting that makes things look large I immediately think of lights at the base of a large structure, which to me seem to elongate the building as the light fades going up the building. It makes the building seem continue until it fades to darkness

Lighting Observation

Where: Driving down the highway

When: Thursday afternoon

Objective: a street light was illuminating a tree by the side of the highway

Subjective: the street light made the tree look almost red as the fluorescents lit it up. I thought it was an interesting affect contrasting against the other trees nearby.

Lighting Observation

Where: California by a pond

When: Friday afternoono

Objective: There was a light under the water shining up at the surface of this pond.

Subjective: I have always loved this affect. The light in the water gives a peaceful yet intriguing feel as the water is peaceful, but you cannot fully see what lies below the surface.

Lighting Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 7:50 PM on Thursday, April 28th, in CV Starr

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Looking out the large glass back of CV Starr Hall, the sun is setting and the orange light is bouncing against the clouds, while the sky behind them remains a bright blue. There are further clouds even lower than the orange clouds, which are a dark bluish gray. They are traveling very fast.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The ceiling of the world feels outrageously high. The multiple layers of light seem mystical in a way, especially since the darker clouds seem to be traveling at a much faster pace than the orange ones. The blue sky seems to be strangled by the darker clouds, but complimented by the orange ones.

Lighting Observation

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Sunday night, 11 PM on i-95 toward Boston

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Through heavy rainfall, the clouds have separated to reveal the moon, which is sending beams of light through the rain and reflecting off of my dashboard and the wet roads. It is very dark other than this light.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The clouds seem to have rolled back and out of the moonlight’s way, and are now sending a beam of white light through the murky skies to my car. Though it is very dark around me, it feels as though a spotlight has come out to follow my car down the road.