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Surreal pic.


2) I found this image through google images search of surreal. It brought me to this website,r:5,s:184&biw=1213&bih=591

3) Theme: Surreal

4) I found this picture and immediately thought it looked so surreal. The colors of the photo are the major element that gives me that feeling. The colors are so clear and non realistic looking that they even appear dream like. I really liked all the different colors that this picture has. Especially how at the top its the burnt, orange and hot reds, and as the picture progresses down the page you changes into the cool blue, and gray tones. The setting of the picture itself is also very surreal/dreamlike. The blue/gray part of the picture is unknown to me. Is it water or rocks or where does it begin or end? All this adds to the dreamlike, unnatural, surreal feeling that this photo gives me.