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Photo Observation #1

2. Sunset at Isonzo River by Daniele Pantanali, Digital Photography Shots.

3. Sunsets or Sunrise

4. I believe this photo perfectly depicts a beautiful Sunset, with the site being the Isonzo River. I really appreciate how the photo includes land with the shore and the abundance of rocks, trees on the side, and a hill on the other side. Those three places are where people take pictures of sunsets a lot of the time. The classic beach shot looking over the ocean with a sunset in the distance. Through trees you can see the bright sun poking through as it sets or rises. On the side or over a mountain or hill. So the fact that all three of those places are represented in this photo really makes it a perfect image of a sunset.

Also looking at the picture, it can tell the complex yet simple story that is nature. You can imagine birds flying from tree to tree or over the shore. Fish swimming rapidly through the water. As the sun sets, you can see animals around the river going back to their homes, and others coming out to prowl during the night. This picture really captures the beauty of a sunset to the fullest.



Lighting Observation #1

1. January 31, 4:50 pm, Meadowbrook Parkway.
2. Mid-sunset, when the sun is still fully visible but just about to drop beyond the horizon.
3. The Meadowbrook Parkway is by no means a beautiful place. It’s a stretch of concrete and chaos, littered with angry drivers in SUVs and compact cars. The stretch of road, coupled with the angry, grey of winter, is normally devoid of color. At that particular time, though, the sun had just begun to set and bathed the entire area in a warmth not unlike July. The sky was streaked with different shades of orange and pink, and the sun gave off a glare that bounced off the surrounding cars. Even the most irate of drivers could not look angry when draped in summer. The moment was absolutely stunning.

Light Observation #1

1. February 1,2012 in the parking lot next to Estabrook Hall.

2. Parking lot lights in a row in the parking lot.

3. As I was walking home from rehearsal I was thinking about my Lighting Observation for the week and I realized I had not really noticed anything yet regarding light. Then I saw this light, and I noticed the dim light over the parking lot, and how it made me feel really spooked out, but somehow oddly calm. At first I felt really aware of my surroundings because the light was so dim I had to make sure I was safe. As I got closer to the light, I realized there was nothing spooky or scary at all. It was actually really peaceful, and seeing the shadows of trees and cars on the ground was really familiar. I have always associated darkness and dim light with scary and uncomfortable situations, but this was really the first time I have seen this kind of light and thought “Wow, this is really peaceful, and somehow I feel secure.” It was a really fascinating observation for me to see the peaceful side of darkness and dim light.

Light Observation #1: Headlights Through the Blinds

1. Wednesday February 1, 2012 at about 3:15 AM.  I was in my room in Liberty Hall—the bottom floor, with a window facing Oak Street.

2. The light was a combination of three sources: The amber glow of Hofstra’s lamps,  The halogen streetlights on Oak Street, and the headlights of cars passing by.  All of these lights came through my window, broken up by the venetian blinds half-closed.

3. Your dorm room at 3:15 AM is not where you would expect to be experiencing a moment with light.  My room remains rather bright for three hours past midnight.  The blinds are old and bent, and don’t close all of the way.  They don’t exactly do a great job of blinding.  It isn’t exactly foggy, but weather is moving in, and diffusing the light from the lamps around the building.  The result is an amber glow filling my dorm, broken into even bars across the room.  The passing headlights reach the inside of my room for only a moment, then gone.  A flash of white—and gone.  It’s late, the cars are rather infrequent, but occasionally there will suddenly be a group.  One.  Two.  Three.  As the cars pass headed North, white bars race across my wall above my head.  The moment passes.  These headlights return me to my room at home—with a room on the corner and windows facing the street, that same light show would play above my head as I fell asleep every night.  A flash of light.  The moment passes.  And gone.