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Photo Observation 1

Sunrises and Sunsets

I was really drawn to this picture mostly because of the rays of the sun. I feel as if as the sun comes up the rays are pushing the horse and it’s rider forward. It is almost like an encouraging push to start their day. Furthermore it could be sort of a push into their future. It feels like  a sign opf home and optimism because it is a bright light pushing towards the viewer.


Photo Observation #1- Coloradan Sunrise

Sunrise in Boulder, Colorado

2) Photo taken on April 15, 2006. Photography by Craig Christopher in Boulder, Colorado.

3) THEME: Sunrises and Sunsets

4) DESCRIPTION: Colorado is a state overwhelmed with natural beauty. Roughly one half, the eastern half, is the plains. Simple yet beautiful. On the Western half there are great mountains offering landscapes and beautiful scenery for hundreds of square miles. The human race is fascinated with all that nature has to offer, from the tall mountains to the deep oceans and the grassy meadows to the rocky cliffs. People travel thousands of miles just to see certain spots on earth. Every evening, landscapes become enhanced all over the world as the sun sets and casts long, warmly lit shadows across the land. It is at this time that nature is enhanced and the shapes and contours of the world around us are modeled and emphasized by the beautiful light on the horizon provides for us. In Hawaii people flock from their condos each night to watch the golden ball of fire fall from bright yellow into a orange and red glow as it sets behind the ocean. When the sun returns the next morning there is always a new set of tourists and locals alike perched high above the clouds on volcanoes watching the first beams of light cast their warm shadows across the landscape in a similar way to the night before as the orange sun meets the blue sky once more.

In Colorado, many Denver Broncos fans comment on how “God must be a Bronco fan, otherwise why would the sunsets be orange and blue.” Sunsets and sunrises are universal in the fact that they happen all over the world, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There is always only one sunrise and one sunset in each day. The sun is always the same relative distance from earth each day and is burning energy in the same way; however just like a snowflake, no two sunrises or sunsets are the same. What makes a sunrise worth mentioning is when the air is pretty clear and there are a few puffy and interesting clouds in the sky. The true draw of a sunrise is not usually the actual vision of the light from the sun, but rather the lights reflection off of the particles in the air and the reflection of the colors on the clouds and other surfaces reflecting light.

What I really like about this sunrise is that it is different from the typical sunrise one might think of. In Colorado there are over 300 days of sunshine each year. If a storm of any kind moves in, it will never last long as the sun will burn off the clouds quickly and warm the air and cause the day to become very nice. This picture was taken just as the first few rays of sunlight were cresting the horizon. It had rained all night and the pollution in the air had been taken out by the rain and the air was clear and crisp. The clouds were just beginning to break and loosen up as the sun was rising. Unlike most “beautiful” sunrises and sunsets, there weren’t any big puffy clouds and rich blue sky; instead the clouds were heavy and dark and kept most of the sky black until it was thoroughly enriched by the sun’s rays. With the Sky being black it helps give a lot of contrast to the very rich and intense yellows and oranges brought out by the sun and it crests the horizon. The oranges and yellows of the light are so incredibly intense that they make the image feel as though it is being warmed. There is a great contrast with this intense light and the silhouettes of the naked cotton wood trees in the foreground. The lack of leaves on the trees gives a clearer silhouette and also creates a temperature contrast showing that it is most likely winter but the feeling the viewer gets from the colors is that the image is almost on fire. Coming back to the uniqueness of this sunrise brings me to a closing statement. Yes, I am a Colorado native and am proud to call it home, and despite how many people think that Tim Tebow is a god and is very close to Jesus I prefer to look at sunsets that remind me more of an october sky, a sky of orange and black.

Light Observation #1- Late morning sun

1) 1/29/12 – 10:30AM – My Dorm Room (Netherlands)

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: On a clear morning the sun was shining brightly on my closed window shade and light bled into the room and lit it up, no other light source was on.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This past weekend was not the best I have ever had. I went to bed feeling pretty blue and helpless on saturday night and didn’t really have much motivation or energy as I closed my eyes. Luckily, I slept clear through the night and did not find myself tossing and turning very much. My sleep went uninterrupted all night and into the morning until around 10:30 when the sun really started to beat down hard on the single square window just to the left of my bed. Each window inside every room in the Netherlands Complex is furnished with a cheap and hardly operable window shade that takes a good five minutes to lower each night. It is the type of shade that has two long strips of fabric running from top to botom holding onto paper-thin strips of metal that when meshed together make a somewhat solid shade to block out the light from outside.

This clear morning allowed the sun to penetrate the atmosphere with ease and hit the shade with great intensity. This is when I was finally awoken from my dreams of the past and brought back into my reality. After I opened my eyes and woke my body up a little bit I threw my glasses on and looked to see what had brought me back to my reality. I scanned the window and and saw the sunlight beaming through the window, onto the tips of each white metal strip. The concentrated light on each panel was then forced through each crack between the panels and  lit my room in a muted glow. The light on the window shade was brilliant and vibrant as it peaked through; its color a very pure white. The light in my room however had a colder feeling, and was flat and muted as it bounced off the walls. There were no shadows, just a soft glow. I laid in bed for a while staring in silence thinking about my dreams and rationalizing all the old stuff that had been bothering me for the past few days. I was in the same mood that I had been the night before while I laid there constantly reflecting back on the past few years of my life. Then I looked at the window and realized the irony that in my room, the lighting was so flat and cold yet right there at my window the light was so vibrant, intense and warming yet I had my window closed, shutting that rejuvenating and happy light out of my room. Turns out that after I opened my shade, my mood was able to improve and I got some energy and motivation back once again.


Lighting Observation 1

1/31/12, 2:48 pm, in Modern 2

The light coming in from a window in the back of the room was shining off of the hair of the girl in front of me.

I found myself staring at her head for a while. The light made her hair look very beautiful. Them I looked around and realized she was the only one with light on her not caused by the fluorescent lights above. The light was like a spotlight on just that one girl making it feel like we were all in her story. The world revolved around her and her actions alone affected that world. It was a very strange thought to think that I was merely an extra in the story of someone else’s life. This thought however, I’m sorry to say, was completely brought on by the fact that we were discussing realism in class that day.

Photo Observation 1

Meaghan Maloney’s photo.

Sunsets and sunrises.

This photo was taken in Cape Cod at a restaurant near the ocean. It was really beautiful there with the sunlight reflecting in the water and how perfectly white and heavenly the clouds were. I love how the light makes parts of the clouds so bright they seem invisible while on other parts the clouds are so dark. The sun isn’t seen, only a bright light. As the sun is going down, most of the land is in shadow but there is still some light patches on the rocks and the grass. Those bright patches contrast with the rest of the ground making them stand out more. I believe it depicts a sunset very well because it is serene with undertones of the darkness that follows.

Photo Observation # 1

2. Photo by Jeremy Daigneault (
3. Sunrises/Sunsets
4. At the entrance of a Colorado forest, photographer Jeremy Daigneault captured a winter’s sunrise. The snow covered ground and surrounding area is still dark with early morning, chilled and muted of any color. It becomes almost eerie. In the distance, however, the sun casts the most beautiful glow everywhere the light can touch. It’s not shades of orange or pink, like some sunrises – instead, everything is illuminated in a brilliant gold. It creates a feeling of warmth, and even more so of magic. The light is compelling, as if it wants to draw you in and soak you in its’ color and heat, yet is far enough away that it seems unreachable. It’s not unlike a hidden clearing, full of wonders beyond comprehension. More than anything, though, the light is serene – full of a tranquility that can give even the busiest of minds peace.

Light Observation 1

1) 1/27/12-5:37PM-Outside of the Student Center by the clock

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun was setting right beyond New Complex, and the practical lamp posts outside of the Student Center were turned on.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The yellows, oranges, and pinks of the sunset took over the sky. Even though the air was cold, the sky was warm and inviting. The few clouds in the sky were back lit by the setting sun, creating a beautiful halo around each one. As the buildings around me began to get darker with the setting sun, the light emanating from the lamp posts became more evident, and a beautiful compliment to the sunset.

Photo Observation 1

1) Photo Observation: Sunset


2) Photo by Dene’ Miles.

3) Sunset

4) This is a photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State taken at sunset. This picture is so beautiful because somehow Miles catches the sky at the exact right moment when the colors in the sky directly reflect the colors of the flowers on the mountain. All of the shades of purple, pink, yellow, and white come together to form a calm, peaceful vision of a beautiful mountaintop. The trees are back lit from the sun setting, which creates a nice contrast between the black of the back lit trees and the warm pastels  of the flowers and sky. The view of the mountains in the background is not completely back lit, so they take on a nice mid tone of purple, which calms the contrast between the black and the light, warm pastels so it is not overwhelming.


Photo Observation #1

Sunrise in Paris, Rouen, France

3. Theme: Sunrises/ Sunsets
4. This photograph is of a sunrise in Paris, taken on the steps of Sacre-Coeur. The photograph just looks sleepy, the buildings covered in a darker blue as the sky starts getting brighter, here with pinks and purples as they slowly seep into the city. There is also a morning haze, making the colors of the sunrise more muted and pastel, adding to the “sleepy” factor.
In this sunrise picture, the sun has not even shown itself yet, making this a photograph of the very cusp of a sunrise. It’s like the city of Paris is slowly waking up out of it’s slumber, but it’s not quite ready yet and trying to enjoy the darkness before it has to greet the day.
I just think that Paris itself is a very romantic city and this is a romantic sunrise, reminiscent of French impressionist paintings with hazy brushstrokes of muted colors with just a splash of pink or violet. It’s like a Monet painting come to life in a way.

Lighting Observation #1

1. February 2, 2012, around 5:20pm, basement of Gallon Wing.

2.  The silhouette of trees through the window.

3. I was in the middle of playwriting class, just in the middle of that time where class was starting to slow and looked up through the window. The windows in the basement of Gallon Wing are tiny and up by the ceiling, making the rooms feel like prisons. It doesn’t help matters that there are bars on the outside of the window.

By now the sun had set, but there was still traces of light, making the sky a deep shade of royal blue. Because the trees outside have long lost their leaves, and with the limited light, they appeared only as silhouettes making them look very two dimensional.

Though the world inside the classroom was fluorescent lit and dragging, outside as twilight was approaching, the world almost had the appearance of a spooky children’s popup book.