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Lighting Observation #2 – Lee Moore

1. Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012. 3:43 AM, My dorm room

2. My room is dark and quiet except for one string of multi-colored christmas lights that stretches from my door to just above the headboard of my bed. They cast a dim reddish light across the room, with each light projecting a tiny halo on the wall of the room.

3.The christmas lights in my room cast just barely enough light to see the outline of my furniture. Everything in this half light is shadowy, warm and close. It makes my room feel small and sweet and mine. The halos around each tiny individual light are bright and rich, projecting little fingers of beauty in small circles around them. The light they give off isn’t very strong, but it radiates pure colorwonderful that reminds your heart to beat slow and deep. The warmth and familiarity of something so simple as christmas lights takes me back to hot cocoa and peppermint ice cream, and laying under my christmas tree in Baltimore. With my heater on and The Mountain Goats playing through my speakers, late nights with my christmas lights are the most peaceful and comforting life ever gets at Hofstra.

Lighting Observation 2

1) 2/7/12-10:46AM-Outside of the Student Center on the inclined walkway

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun was very bright, and there were shadows being cast from trees and people walking in front of me.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: As I walked to class on a clear winter morning, the sun’s brilliant rays hit my eyes and washed over everything around me. The clock, the trees, the bushes, everything had a halo of light surrounding it. The haphazard maze of tree branches projected onto the ground was interrupted by the harsh outline of a person. This Shadowperson walked straight through what seemed to be a labyrinth of shadows and in a matter of seconds, defying its power and becoming free.