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Lighting Observation #3

1. February 16. 2012. 10:00 am, Enterprise Hall 14th floor

2. I woke up this morning and put my glasses on. My room was completely dark except for a small pocket of light coming from the windows hitting the wall next to the window and again in a small spot across the room.

3. For some reason, I woke up in a godawful mood this morning. I had a headache and snapped awake at the sound of my alarm and put of my glasses. The first thing I saw was a tiny corner of nice pale, blue light spreading slowly across the room. Even though I woke up in a very jarring way, I was instantly put at ease. Blue light to me has always been incredibly calming and usually I wake up earlier so the room is a little darker. I’ve never seen the light hit the wall that way before, so I guess I was lucky to wake up at that time. All I know is that seeing that small patch of light growing across the wall and my room was a large reason my mood was instantly changed by it.

Photo Observation #3

2. “Within Shadows” by Susan Burnstine

3. Theme: Shadows

4. I believe this photo captures shadows brilliantly. All the shadows in this photo give it a dream-like feeling, and you don’t know what’s real, what is not, and what is a shadow. The black fog gives it that overlying dream-like feeling as well, and it looks to me like a dark shadow of the clouds above, not a huge fog. Also, the people are blurred, the buildings are blurred, just like a shadow would be. That blurring effect looks like a series of shadows. One from the person or object the shadow is coming from, and then a shadow of that shadow. It is an incredible depiction of shadows in photo form.

Lighting Observation #3

1. February 16, 2012 at 9:30 p.m. In my room.

2. This thing called an IllumaStorm that my roommate owns. Its this light in a large, globe-like bulb. When you turn it on it makes the light look like electricity.

3. In my room, my roommate turned on this IllumaStorm, and it had several colors of electric looking light shooting from this black ball in the center of the instrument. We could touch the globe and the light would react to our touch, by congregating where our finger was and sending light from there. Another really cool thing my roommate did was turn on music, and the the light from the instrument reacted to the beat of the music. Throughout this whole experience, it made me realize that light had life. It moves, it reacts, it can move to a beat. It’s everywhere, and here is this lively light stored in this cool instrument my friend has.

Light Observation #3

1) Feb. 12, 2012. 2:37 pm. Student Center

2) Sunlight shining thru the upper windows of the back area

3) It was a mostly cloudy day that Tuesday. I was sitting in the Student Center with a few friends eating lunch. Then the sun peeked out through the clouds and shone onto our faces. I immediately said “lighting moment” and everyone agreed. It was an indescribable sight for the sun to peer through the gray clouds, even for a moment, and brighten up my day.


Photo Observation #3



3) Shadows

4) This is a photo of a daytime and nighttime scene. It is an example of street art where the artist cleverly uses the shadows of the statue during the night to create art. The beauty of the shadows makes the art come alive. I love the way such simple things can be turned into something so much more beautiful and intriguing.


Lighting Observations 3.2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/11/12 – 11:53 – Just outside white “bubble” next to uslesspan on north campus.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to the soccer field at around noon on saturday. The sun was breaking up the clouds and reflecting off the white bubble just off the unispan by the football field.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: My cousin was playing lacrosse at over the weekend. She goes to UCONN and lives in Philadelphia, so I hardly ever get to see her. I was very bummed when I woke up to see that the weather was not very nice and that it was so cloudy and snowy on the one day that her and my aunt and uncle were in town. Despite the cold weather and cloudy haze I put on many coats and my boots and headed out the door to go and meet them. I was walking on the North side of campus on the elevated road above the white “bubble” at the edge of campus. I was briskly walking to meet them at the field with my Starbucks sloshing around in my cup.

As I turned the corner and walked parallel to the bubble I realized that it had finally stopped snowing and it actually wasn’t that cold out. I looked up and the sun was actually starting to burn through the clouds and shine onto the sidewalk. The sky had been very dark, gray and threatening all morning. this was the first variation and contrast I had seen in the sky all day. For about the next thirty seconds the clouds continued to thin and eventually part. The intensity of the sun increased dramatically and the light shining through went from a deep gray to a warm and intense golden white. The hole in the clouds had a skewed triangular shape and was still not a huge spot in the sky. All around the spot the sky remained dark and colorless. After another fifteen seconds or so there was another break just below the first. As I looked up there were now two brilliant spots in the sky surrounded completely on all sides with the darkness of the snowy clouds. As the two spots grew to their maximum intensity my eyes shifted their focus to the bubble. this pure white mass was catching all of the yellow light in the sky and casting a blanked of golden rays across the bubble. The white of the bubble reflected all of that golden light as it was the most intense and colorful source of illumination in the sky. I was thrilled that I was looking up to see this beautiful moment of the golden parts in the sky illuminating the bubble and creating a cold and warm color contrast with each other and then I realized that the weather was perfect and just as I arrived on the field, my cousin scored the second goal of the game.

Lighting Observation 3.1

1) 2/15/12 – 11:23 AM – Sitting in the house of Adams Playhouse.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was sitting in the house waiting for the symposium to begin and was finishing mu math homework as I waited. There were only the scoop lights on in the house and the work-lights over the stage. The shadows were really intense and made it hard to work.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was sitting in the house of the Adams Playhouse waiting for the symposium to begin as I rushed through my last few questions of my math homework. I was leaning over in the uncomfortable seats as I used my legs as a table. I was about halfway through my first problem and I realized that I couldn’t see my work in front of me. Without realizing my struggles I automatically found myself straining back and forth in my seat to just a small bit of light to hit my paper. The Playhouse was plenty bright but all the light was coming from one direction, behind me.

I strained for a good minute before I realized I was simply blocking all of the light that was being cast down behind me. I looked up at the lights that were on and the house was solely illuminated by the few scoop lights hanging on the ceiling of the house. I looked back down at my paper and realized how defined my shadow was on my paper. the top and edges of the paper had plenty of light but the outlined shadow of my head was extremely dark and impossible to work under. I was slightly confused as to why there was no other light hitting my paper from any other angles. I looked over the stage and saw that the work-lights were on but after studying them I realized that they were not illuminating anything other than what was on stage because the fixtures were hung so hight and bleeding was prevented by the borders in the flys. I noticed that around my main shadow there were two other very faint shadows that were hardly noticeable until I really studied the light. These shadows were cast off from the reflections of the lights above the house. I sat there and played with my shadows until the symposium started, looking up at the lights while I did so. I was able to realize the characteristics of this form of lighting and saw that with just this one light being projected on me as opposed to the full house lights, my visibility had been severely decreased.

Photo Observation #3

Photo taken by Nic Christopher on August 31st at around 3:00 PM

THEME: Shadows

DESCRIPTION: This photo was taken on a relatively clear day in the city right across the street from St Patrick’s cathedral. It was taken as the sun was going down yet still high enough in the sky to cast light down onto the buildings, unobstructed from the buildings surrounding the cathedral. I love this picture because not including the sepia tone, it is entirely untouched in post production. The way the sun cast its light onto the buildings and the fact that statue was completely covered by the shadows provided an illusion of a photo montage even though the composition was untouched.

The intricate patterns and cut outs etched into the side of the cathedral offered a playground for the sun’s rays to cast shadows all over the wall. The intensity of the sunlight emphasized every raised surface on the cathedral. The shadows behind these highlighted portions offer an amazing contrast on the building making it appear 3-D in the flattened image. In the foreground of the image ties the piece all together as the building to the right had cast a shadow over the entirety of the statue. The dark figure placed against the bright background offers a wonderful contrast that makes the viewer seem as if they are right there. When I study the  picture, I can sense the angle of the sun and the approximate placement of all the structures that surrounded me as I snapped this picture. The sun was at a perfect angle that day and at a perfect intensity to capture a moment with a melody of intense lighting accented with soft and harsh shadows to make the image come to life and bring the viewer to 50th and 5th on this august afternoon.

Photo Observation #3


3. Shadows

4. In many photos, the shadows are very powerful. The contrast between the light and dark is harsh, creating an intensity and invoking responses of heat, sadness, passion, mystery, etc. This picture, however, is very different from that. The shadows are light and subdued. It creates a softness and warmth that usually isn’t found in shadows. It’s peaceful, like Sunday mornings, sleeping in, and easy laziness. This could easily translate to the stage to create a similar effect.

Light Observation #3

1. February 12, 6:15 pm, Design Studio in Emily Lowe

2. The light outside the window of the design studio illuminated the falling snow.

3. While sitting int he design studio on Sunday, I was staring out a window when I realized that it was snowing. One of the lights right outside the window lit a very small area in the night sky, making it just bright enough to make out the lightly falling snow. Although both the snow and the dark sky bring images of cold to mind, the light had a warm tone to it. It made the snow seem almost romantic, rather than wintry and blustery. It created a very tranquil moment, serene and peaceful. I generally hate the snow, so it was very different for the light to change my opinion that much.