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Lighting Observation 4 – Dual of the Fates

1) 2012-02-22 10:00 PM – The hallways of Emily Lowe

2) The glow of a pair of lightsabers (blue and red, of course) weaving in deadly combat.

3) The lights are extinguished. Gone is the harsh wash of the fluorescents above.  A single blue beam extends from Katie Hesketh Skywalker’s closed hands at the end of the hall.  The red sword comes to life in my hands.  She advances.  She remains mostly in shadow while the soft blue glow of her weapon illuminates a manic flicker in her eye.  She swings, a blur of blue.  My sword meets hers with a flash, a blow, they recoil.  A step back.  Swing, stab, parry, step.  The blur of colorful blades fills my field of vision.  every time they clash, the swords flicker, their life drained from what is probably improper use.  A flash I wasn’t expecting, the blue slices through the air and takes my arm with it.  I fall.  The sword clatters to the ground, flickers, and goes out.  All that remains is the blue hovering above my head, my fate inevitable at the hands of my enemy.  Darkness falls.

Photo Observation #4 – Nightlife – Lee Moore


2. Burn Night Blur – By Flickr user Peanut


3. Nightlife

4. This photograph was taken at burn night of the Burning Man Festival in 2006. It is a yearly, week long arts and community festival in the Nevada Desert. The event is colorful, crazy, inclusive, and most of all bright. During the day, the light is all too-bright hot hot sun, washing everything out with its heat. Though colorful during the day, the participants really come alive with neon excellence after dark. On this night the participants are front lit by a bright orange fire, giving them all an warm tangerine glow. They all have manic smiles and bright neon glow necklaces laced around their bodies. They are bright against a black night sky, throwing their arms into the air with exuberance, and moving too fast for cameras to catch them. Their purple and orange blurs can exist only in in the night, coming to life as the sun sets. Their nightlife is characterized by far too many clashingly bright shades of teal, blue, violet and gold. Bright, rich shades that live for the night. Bright, rich people that live for the night.