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Light Observation 4

1. 2/20/12, 5:02, outside Emily Lowe Hall

2. The sun was going down and the sky was a deep blue, darker than day time but lighter than dusk, and the sun was still high enough to shine through the trees on the quad making them seem pink.

3. I was walking from the Playhouse after a day of painting to go work on my set rendering in the design room. I looked up and stopped because the sky looked really beautiful. The trees on the quad seemed to have a pink tinge on them from the remaining light from the sun and the sky was a deep blue. It reminded me of a paradise or cotton candy. It felt sort of like a moment a bliss before I went into the depressing design room. Like my last ray of light before I spent the rest of the night under fluorescents.

Light Observation #4

1) Feb. 23, 2012. 11:39 pm. Netherlands North courtyard

2) The flickering streetlight right by the Gronigen House.

3) I was walking back from Dutch treats with a friend. We were listening to my iPod when the “Trashing the Camp” from the Tarzan Soundtrack came on. We stopped and started to sing and dance. I accidentally hit the streetlight. It flickered on and off. I thought that it couldn’t be more appropriate considering in the soundtrack, the animals hit items and caused interesting reactions.


Photo Observation 4


3. Night Life

4. The first thing I thought of for night life is a city and fast paced. A light trail from a long exposure gives that fast paced look because all that can be seen is the lights. No cars are visible so it seems like the cars are moving too fast to be seen. Night life is fast paced because it is normally just in the city where everything is fast. In a town there isn’t much life after it gets dark. However in a city life is always going and thats what I think the light trail portrays. Life constantly moving and if you blink you may miss it.

Light Observation #4

1. February, 20th – 6:45PM, Netherlands South

2. Flickering light from the lamp post

3. I had spent most of the day in my dorm doing work, and I finally emerged to go get some food a little before 7. When I walked outside, it was pitch black – the only light came from the houses themselves. After a few seconds, though, a light came on, flickered for a few seconds, and went out. This repeated infinitely – always on and off, never staying on for more than a few seconds before going out again. The light – and lack thereof – created in intense feeling of unease. Although I know the area around my dorm like the back of my hand, it’s still easy to feel fear when you only have light for a few seconds at a time. The flickering intensified the feeling of unease – it was like a teaser, showing the shadows and only illuminating the are for small amounts of time, never fulling lighting the quad. Anyone or anything could have been hiding against a building or tree and I never would have known, and that is very, very creepy.

Light Observation!

Saturday 18 February, 2012
Central Park
Around 4:30 pm

My friend and I are walking from the north end of the Park, the sun setting over the roofs of the skyscrapers that make up the New York skyline. Because the sun has only just decided to set, the shadows it casts are from a rather high angle. As we walk along one of the paths heading in a general southward direction we pass by and under American Oaks. The trees cast shadows over and around the path we’re walking along, weaving in and out of our way.

The spindly branches of the close-sown oaks overlap to create a web of shadows, reaching out towards passers-by in an attempt to chase them. The grooves and pockets in the tree bark are cast in relief against the trunks, giving a startling amount of depth to the natural contours of the trees. They actually look kind of lonely. Their branches are reaching out towards people, trying to bring them in, but are only scaring them away by being too frightening. They attempt in vain to find some contact, any contact, but their efforts are foiled by none other than themselves.

Photo Observation #4

2. Photo by Chris and Lisa Teso –

3. Theme: Night Life

4. This is a photo of Saint Anthony’s feast weekend in Boston. Growing up in a very Italian family, this particular feast is one of the most important (and lively) of all the feasts. I’ve gone every summer for as long as I can remember. The day starts around noon, and goes well into the night (as seen in this picture). It’s a giant party, and what I consider the epitome of “night life”. Hundreds of people fill the street, there’s always live music, and street vendors sell merchandise and freshly made Italian food. People hang out their windows yelling in Italian, and stapling their donations to the statue of Saint Anthony that goes around multiple times throughout the day/night.

In this picture, I love that you can see all of the hanging lights suspended between the two rows of buildings. The same lights have been used since I was a kid. There are so many of these lights that they are the only things needed to really light up the street. The other thing that I love about this picture is the lights coming from each of the vendor’s tents. Every vendor lights up his/her own tent in their own way (often with fairy lights, though) and in this picture, the tents actually seem to be glowing because of it.

In addition to the lights in the street, outside of this photo you’d also be able to see the city lit up. This picture just reminds me of home, and my childhood.

Photo Observation #4


3. Theme: Nightlife

4. I really like this photo because I believe it captures nightlife. The main source of light comes from the walls and furniture, and the ceiling is dark like it was outside. Also, I really like how the different colors of light come from the furniture that effect is really fascinating. There is enough light to get around, but just the right amount of darkness as well. So it is like your outside, but your really inside.

Lighting Observation #4

1. 2/22/12 6:45 p.m. in the quad outside of Lowe

2. Quad lights and the Hofstra Emergency Light

3. On my way to rehearsal I walked by the quad outside of Emily Lowe, and I noticed something that we learned in class. Even though the dim light from the lights around the quad had a really nice effect over the club, I noticed my eyes went straight to the blue light that Hofstra uses for emergencies. It went back to the phenomenon we discussed in class, when we learned our eyes are always looking for red and blue colors. So it was the first time I really noticed my eyes going straight to the blue color because it needed it.

Photo Observation

2) I found this on tumblr.

3) Night Life

4) This photo represents night life in more than one way. While it is a picture of alcoholic beverages, the lighting shows more than just that. The club lighting makes the drinks look colorful, like a rainbow. The rainbow effect makes the drinks feel more inviting to take part, in small amounts.


Lighting Observation 4.2 (The Sliver in the bluish glow)

1) 2/23/12 – 6:22 – Walking outside of the Caulkins Quad facing toward NAB

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to Bits from spanish class and the sun had just set. The sky was barely lit and I could see Venus and the moon. The moon was a sliver but I could see the entire outline of it behind the shadow of the earth.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to Bits after a long and boring day of classes. I was in a bad mood as I had lots of homework and other things filling my plate. I was walking across the quad just outside of Caulkins enjoying the last few moments of light for the day. I was beginning to feel better while we walked as this was my first time outside to enjoy the spring like weather. As my friend talked to me about his day I gazed upwards, towards the sky to see the brightest objects in the night sky begin to appear as final rays of the sun beat down on campus.

The sky was a deep, and very rich blue that seemed to glow across the entirety of the sky. There was no sunset at this point, it was simply just the last bit of light that was reaching across the sky. I noticed that I must have timed it just right to be out there at this time. I noticed how usually when the sun has just set, it is still very clear where the sun is setting. The western side of the sky always has a brighter feel to it and on the eastern edge there is always almost complete darkness. Tonight was different. The sky was blanketed with an even coating of color all the way from east to west and there was no variation in intensity. As I looked up I saw Venus burning brightly in the sky. The pure, brilliant white light from Venus provided amazing contrast against the deep and glowing blue of the sky around it.

Just to the right of venus I noticed the moon very high in the sky. It was only a sliver of a moon and will probably not even exist tomorrow at this time. This sliver, like Venus, provided an amazing contrast that was so vivid in the beginnings of the night sky. Despite the fact that the moon was only a tiny sliver tonight I was still able to see the entire shape of the full moon being illuminated behind the shadow of the Earth. It was a very interesting sight and one that is very vivid in my mind. It was very cool to me to think that the Earth itself was blocking out all of that light from the sun that was being reflected from the sun. Even though the shadow was there, the sun was still powerful enough to illuminate the entire sphere for me to see against the glowing sky.