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Photo Observation #4: Night Life

THEME: Night Life

DESCRIPTION: Life never stops no matter where you are. Deer graze, roosters crow, people move, dream, wake from their sleep. With this kind of life in the night, however, it often seems like life does stop. In rural Northern New York, you have to drive for miles to even see a streetlight. The two stoplights in the area continue to glow their same red and orange.  Past midnight, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see other cars unless you’re traveling a good distance.  The soft, orange glow that is so recognizable as streetlights reminds me that there is enough life, enough movement to warrant that lighting. The lights from the windows of the building remind me that others are stirring. I am not the only one up, not the only active participant in life. Those stoplights change; there is enough traffic to warrant it. Other people are right there, living. Funny how such a dull light can invoke such liveliness.

Photo Ob #4

  2., Tomash, Firefly at The Decemberists Concert June 13 2011

3. Nightlife

4. This photo incorporates both the party and serenity in nightlife. There are a lot of different sources of light for this photo that create a frame for the firefly, which is how I see night life. There are the occasional concert and spotlights from parking lot lights or head beams but really the only night life you see where I live are these amazing little bugs. I like the contrast of colors, it brings life and energy to play off of. The reflections of both show how much more light, in any amount, affects us during the night rather than the day.

Lighting Moment #4

  1. Wednesday 6pm walking from Bits to the NAB in the small hall across from the museum
  2. It seemed to be either a headlight or landscape lighting source at ankle height through a wirey bush creating a small crisp image on the brick.
  3. The shades were the first things that popped out at me when passing by as I was rushing to a meeting but this small 2 foot square caught me off guard. It was almost like a gobo in that it was scaled down and tucked away in the back entrance of Bits. The lighting for the entire hall was dim which made this section stick out that much more. The clear outline of each branch was something I have never seen naturally, only in a light lab with complete control of ambient light. The shades added a spooky and other worldly feel.

Light Observation #4 – Using the Force in front of the Spiegel

1)      February 22nd 2012, 11:25PM, Outside of the Spiegel Theater

2)      Watching Phil Tyler and Alex Beja fight each other with lightsabers outside of the Spiegel.

3)      Cabaret is definitely one of my favorite activities on campus. I try to go every week even though sometimes I would be better off staying in catching up on work. Regardless, I made the executive decision to go to Cabaret this past Wednesday. As Geena and I walked from the Design Studio to the Spiegel we caught a glimpse of blue and red in the distance. The colors seemed to mix together and bounce off each other, but very gracefully. As we got closer to the source of light we realized that Phil and Beja were dueling. Up close, the lights seemed much more volatile than they did from far away. With the sources of light in view the two colors seemed to dance very roughly with each other. The blue lightsaber would move quickly up and down as the red lightsaber would intercept the light it by moving right to left. I couldn’t help but think of the light moving to danse macabre. The light moving so quickly, so violently. At first it seemed so artistic graceful. Sadly looks can be deceiving from afar. I was whipped out of the moment as Phil fell to the ground because Beja claimed victory.

Photo Observation #4 – Those Wildwood Days

Taken by Joe Barrett Photography –

Theme: Nightlife

Coming from the Jersey Shore, the beach nightlife was the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. Nights would be spent walking along the pier, under the orange pier lights that seem to only be fixated every hundred feet or so. The feeling of coming into light and going back out keeps a steady rhythm that just seems so calming. Add the scenic ocean and you are transported to a serene state of mind. My favorite boardwalk, that I would spend countless hours of the summer at was Morey’s Pier in Wildwood, NJ. The boardwalk stretched for miles and three piers jet out of the boardwalk and into the ocean. It is impossible to fully enjoy every pier in one day. One pier alone is an adventure for two days.  The best part of the piers were the grandiose entrances. After finally deciding on what pier to go on, you would be flooded with beautiful artificial neon lights. This picture is the entrance to the Middle Pier. Right away the visitor is blown away by the shear magic light. The Ferris wheel pops out of the picture with beautiful colors, magnifying its size. The gold light on the swings to the right bring the eye to the detailed artwork on the ceiling of the ride. Normally this would go unseen in the daytime. A roller coaster fills the left side of the photo, with its magnificent shape. It seems to never end, forever traveling in the darkness and going on forever. Even with all these main attractions lit, it is still not enough. Every little arcade game or food booth also is covered in neon lights. The best part about this picture is the dark sky. Not a single star can be seen. Normally I would think negatively of this but when all these neon lights glow against the night sky, I just feel a sense of excitement and life. This scene is just stunning.  Just like Bobby Rydell sang, “ All I think about, those Wildwood days!”


Lighting Observation # 4 – Lee Moore

1. Being Auctioned from the Spiegal Stage, 2-23-2012, 12:30 AM

2. Standing on the Speigal Stage, blinded by the bright white of stage lights.

3. Being stood up on a block on the Spiegal stage to be auctioned off at Cabaret falls into the category of “Things that make Lee super uncomfortable”. I suppose then, that I am blessed by stage lights. My vision was perfect brightness, right up until we hit the masses of drunk college students in the seats. Then it was a black abyss filled with titters and whispers. I don’t spend a lot of time being looked at under stage lights, or trying to see past them, so the auction experience was made even more disorienting by my inability to cope with my sudden blindness. The light felt warm on my skin, but looked cold and unfeeling from my perch. I was uncomfortable under these seeming interrogation lights, all alone, hearing only my worth being debated by my friends. This light is not a love poem, but rather Edgar Allen Poe.

Lighting Observation #3

1) 2/22/12-9:37-Emily Lowe Hall

2) I witnessed a lightsaber battle while someone went around the building shutting off the hall lights as the battle itself moved.

3) A dark hallway. A beam of blue light appears, then a beam of red. The two beams confront in battle. Attack. Par. Attack. Par. The red beam moves towards the light spilling at the end of the hallway. The blue pushes it forward. The closer to the spill of light, the more the two opponents faces are revealed. A Jedi and a fighter of the Dark Side. Shadows fall under their eyes, you can see just enough of their faces to see the anger and aggression behind their violent attacks. As the battle moves closer and closer to the lit hallway, the two fighters are revealed as two college students. The illusion that the darkness brought with it is gone. The lights go out. The Jedi and Dark Side Fighter are back in action. The illusion is restored and the galactic battle continues.

Photo observation


I chose this photo for nightlife because when I think about nightlife i feel like the events are more important than the surroundings. In movies and TV shows the focus is on the events and the surroundings are blurred and not distinct. I picked this picture because the light is the yellow of a streetlight and the camera has a fisheye lens so it isn’t natural. The lights on the buildings are very bright but not individually distinguishable.

Photo Observation #3



3) Night Life

4) This photo represents a midsummer’s night laying in the front yard looking at stars. Being in New York, we don’t get to see many stars at all, so when I’m home in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, I truly appreciate the vast amount of stars in the sky. The millions of bright stars contrast with the dark blue of the night sky. Each one stands out on its own, and laying on your front lawn, you realize that each star is this giant ball of gas out in space. You then realize how big the universe must be in order to hold all of these millions of stars. Earth is just this tiny rock in the midst of this infinite universe, and each of our lives, each of our day-to-day problems are so insignificant when you look at the big picture. That’s what this photo represents.

Lighting Observation #4

1) Saturday February 18th, 2012 – 4:00 P.m. – Midtown tunnel

2) The lights in the tunnel are fluorescent type lights separated every two feet or so, this makes a cool effect when driving through the tunnel, because it’s wave after wave of orange light.

3) This really was a fascinating moment, I felt as if I was a child getting all giddy about some cool lights making some cool pattern. The effect being produced made me feel like I was a film reel, being noticed frame by frame, The action the car changed as my friends and I danced because these lights worked quite well as party lights, they gave rhythm to the moment, and thats something that is a function of light that is usually forgotten.