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Light Observation # 5 – Lee Moore

1. 2-26-2012, 11:30AM, Nassau/Suffolk

2. The midmorning light projected the shadows of trees across the ceiling.

3. Sunday mornings are a beautiful thing. Waking up at 9.00 AM and knowing you can just roll over and sleep longer in the sun is one of my favorite feelings. Around 11, I sleepily opened my eyes to snuggle further under the covers only to be confronted by a window square of light hovering on the ceiling just above my toes. The branches outside the window left crisscrossed shadows across the light. The black and white projection on the ceiling looked like two color paper cut art right out of a story book. Through my blurry sleep vision, it looked like a door into a fairy world, just out of reach. Snow White’s forest floating in light.  This natural gobo effect in winter morning sunlight was simple lighting magic.