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Photo Ob #9

2.national, photo of the day

3. intrigue

4. When first thinking how to displaying intriguing lighting, I started with the fascination kids have when they are exploring or find something cool that just grabs their attention, mesmerizes them. That kind of tunnel vision turned into exploring and children playing as they discovered but I found this was best displayed in underwater photography. Intriguing lighting is not what we see its what we can’t see. It’s where the shadows start and end and how dark they get. It’s part of our human nature to push through that boundary, be intrigued enough by what’s beyond to go find out as these divers are. These colors enhance that since green is such and unnatural shade for lighting, especially on stage. Generally if we see green on stage its evil or jealous or alien. Underwater the light reacts differently with different surfaces to reflect off of. In conclusion, Intriguing lighting will lead you in like a child who found the hole into Wonderland.

Light Observation 9

1. 3/28/12, 9:42, lighting class

2. The light coming through the window is in the shape of the window on the floor and the trees are swaying but they create more blurry movement than a solid image.

3. In lighting class I noticed on the floor the light coming through the window was making a window image on the floor. While I was looking, I noticed that there was movement but I could not tell what was causing it at first. It looked like water was moving across the windows and it confused and intrigued me at the same time. I then realized that it was the trees blowing in the wind and was disappointed. I would have rather it would have been water.

Photo Observation 9


3. intrigue

4. The first time I saw this photograph I was in photography class and I could not stop looking at it. Her eyes draw you in and hold you there. The light makes her eyes stand out so much and you can see the light used in her eyes. It is interesting that light can make a person’s eyes stand out so much that they command attention.  It is such an interesting and mysterious picture and I love that. I love that anyone can look at it and think something different about it except for the fact that she has amazing eyes.


Lighting Observation 9

1) 2012-03-29, 7:00 PM in the Design Studio

2) Shadow on the top bricks of the room all the way around the studio


It’s hard to have lighting moments in the design studio, and I’ve run out of ways to say how much I hate florescent lights.  I noticed something new today, though, something that I’d never seen, something that took me a minute to figure out the mechanics of.  Looking up at the ceiling, I realized the top bricks all around the room are cast in a slight shadow.  It caught me off guard because I’m am so used to the classrooms, and especially a room I’m so familiar with, to have simple, flat illumination from all angles.  The point of these lights is the cleanest, cheapest, full illumination possible.  The only shadows you’d expect would be below distinct objects: projector screen, speakers, window frames, etc.  In rooms with dropped ceilings (common to conserve heating costs), the lights are usually flush with the rest of the ceiling, and therefore distribute at all angles evenly.  Here, the encasement is a good six inches from the ceiling, with not much light escaping the sides compared to the diffusing plastic on the bottom.  The result is a noticeable crown trim all around the room before the light is able to fully illuminate the wall.  Shadows don’t always have to be deep, film noir, expressionistic lines and holes in lighting, only enough difference in the levels to be noticed and remarked on.


Photo Observation!


THEME: Intrigue

When I hear the word ‘intrigue’, I think of it more as a noun than an adjective. Roughly translated, ‘intrigue’ means some combination of secrets and mystery. As far as lighting goes, I picture high contrast, black and white films a la film noir. Naturally, this combination led me to ‘The Thin Man’ series, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, in which they play a detective and his wife (respectively). Solving mysteries and unearthing secrets in a very effective way, this movie series is the epitome of intrigue for me. The high contrast in this picture really emphasizes their fronts, casting their shadows in sharp relief behind them and making the beam of the flashlight severely accentuated. Despite the shadows that lurk behind and around them, Nick and Nora will continue looking forward and searching for the truth behind the mysteries.

Light Observation!

27 March, 2012
South Campus
Around  12:30 am

Phil and I are walking past the NAB. As we get closer, we see the orange fluorescence of the street lamps lighting up the trees along the walkway. The shadows of the trees are visible against the black of the NAB windows, swaying with the wind.

In general, the scene is rather sad. The spindly trees are haphazardly pitched back and forth from the force of the wind, barely visible at times due to the speed. The orange between the branches makes them look slightly menacing when they’re still, but they’re so thin that they look like they’re trying too hard. Their elongated shadows make them look even more slender, and aren’t always visible in the darkness of the  windows. It’s made even more depressing against the harsh, material, industrial background – the only trees visible in the area and they don’t stand a chance.

Photo Observation #9

2. “Bombs on Monday” by Alex Stoddard –

3. Intrigue

4. This picture screams intrigue to me. A girl in a deep red dress, her face covered by an old gas mask. Around her, smoke in every direction. You can’t distinguish her surroundings, except for a few trees. The light, coming down in rays around her. The story remains mostly unknown to the viewer, just this scene prominent in the mind. Why is she there? What has happened? I want to see her face and know her background. She is illuminated by rays of light surrounding her. The light catches the smoke, contributing to the overall feel of unease and sheer creepiness, but also allowing the beauty of the moment to show through. Despite what seems to be obvious destruction, there is something beautiful about it.

Light Observation 9

1) 3/30/12, 12:38, Design Studio

2) Light from the light box

3) tracing a figure of a dancer from sketch pad paper to water color paper, I look up and see the reflection of light from the light box through the window in the studio. I looked at the bags under my eyes and sighed as I knew it would be another long night for myself and the others in the studio.


Lighting Observation #8

1) 3/29/12 – 10:32AM – Between Estabrook Hall and the Student Center

2) On my way to class, the sun was shining above the Student Center, and backlighting the daffodils.

3) As I walked past the shadow of the looming towers on my way to class, the sun showed its smiling face. Its smile poured onto everything in sight: the trees, the walkway, the grass, and most importantly, the daffodils. The sunlight poured right through the them, illuminating their beautiful yellow petals like little yellow suns. The sunlight gave the daffodils life, and they danced through the meadow. The dancing daffodils brought a smile to my face and a skip to my step all throughout the day.