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Photo Observation #6


3. Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

4. When I saw this picture, I literally spoke out loud “Wow.” The combined colors coming from one place and being reflected by the water was really a great image to me. Also when the colors are reflected in the water, you don’t see the clouds so it’s just all of the colors from the source of light that you see. Also you see colors in other areas in the sky, not just from the direct source, and I thought that was really interesting and contributed an even better effect. Now I know what it would look like if you combined all the colors of the rainbow and jumbled them all together.



Photo Observation #6


3. Vibrant, colorful, saturated

4. What I love about this picture is the use of color. The light was achieved by using a small lamp, similar to an astroglobe, with different colored panels all around it. The result is this tie-dye effect – all of the bright colors are meshing together and masking the room in a vibrant glow. While Alex is saturated in pink and orange, you can see the full range of colors on the mattress. Although the light is bright and the colors vibrant, there is also a softness to it as well. I think this is partially due to the fact that the shadows are not very harsh. It creates a very unique effect.

Lighting Observation #6

1. 3/8/12 at 5:00 p.m. during my Italian Comic Books class

2. Sun lighting trees outside of the room

3. My Italian Comic Books class is pretty interesting, and I’m usually not looking out of the window. Today however I looked outside for a minute and noticed a pretty marvelous sight happening right outside the window. The sun was almost set, but there was still a lot of light coming over the trees. It looked like a dream, and with the weather being the way its been over the past few weeks, it was quite a welcome change. It cheered me up a little bit to see such a nice sun over the trees, and I got dreamy for a few minutes as I imagined spring coming right around the corner. Fortunately my professor didn’t notice my daydreaming.


Lighting Observation #5 – Lee Moore

1. 12.00AM, Thursday, March 8, Speigal Theatre during cabaret.

2. The row of lights backlighting Philip Schaffer as he read his new poems made him glow in red, yellow, and blue.

3. I love poetry at cabaret. I love the energy, the passion, and the care taken when spitting out images. If a poet is passionate, it comes through his words, his actions, and the aura he casts. Philip Schaffer, is often one of those poets. Up on the Cabaret stage, he shines, and flails, and forms his words with such love and hate and allofthefeelings, that it is impossible to not get swept up in the sound of his voice, even if you don’t catch every metaphor. The cabaret stage lets him shine in other ways too. The frontlight picks up the reds in his skin and the plaid of his shirt, but its the backlight that is really impressive. above Pip’s head is a row of alternating red, blue and yellow lights that catch his movement with flares in your cornea. The lights melt on him, stretching across his skin as he moves, hanging onto his words as tightly as the audience. Something about his performance makes the lights dance as his teeth do. In pure colorful poetry, a subtext under his.

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3) Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

4) The thing I love about this picture is not only that Brad Goreski is the focal point of it, but also that his bright orange Prada suit is such a focal point which I love.

The actual lighting of this photograph may be a generic midday wash, but his suit has enough brightness in it that it appears to be the actual light source. Your attention is immediately gravitated towards him, which is heighten by the “daily life” lighting around the group of people. There is no fancy shadows or angle of the sun, it’s just light. In the way that we see it and take for granted every day.

However, the suit reflects that daily light. If there was no lighting or even dull lighting, the suit would not look as bright. It takes good lighting to make fabrics really pop. So the light may appear simple, but it’s in fact doing it’s job. Also, most people are actually walking in the same direction as him but the fact that he stands out far more than them makes him look like he’s a fish going upstream or walking against the grain which I think looks really cool. They’re all dressed in generic dark pants and white shirt and here he is- BAM- a punch in the face.

Photo Observation #5



3) Vibrant, Colorful, Saturated

4) This is a beautiful photo of the Greek Islands at sunset. The sky is so saturated with yellows, oranges, and pinks that it’s almost unbelievable. The warm saturated sky compliments the blue saturated roofs of the buildings. It’s just so breathtaking. I have no more words.

Light Observation #5

1) 3/3/12 – 5:44PM – Quadship Enterprise

2) As I sat on my bed by the window, the fluorescent lights were on in my room. The blinds were shut halfway down and a beam of sunlight was hitting my leg.

3) As I sat on my bed writing a paper I didn’t want to write, the fluorescent lights perfectly described my emotion: cold, drab, dreary. Then seemingly out of nowhere came this beautiful orange-pink light hitting my leg and practically glowing. I looked to the window to see the source of this beautiful light, and there was nothing. I could only see the harsh straight lines of the blinds blocking the source of my happiness. I felt like Tim Allen’s character on Home Improvement, who never sees his neighbor’s face. Wilson always gives Tim worldly advice and makes him laugh, but Tim only ever sees his eyes over the top of the fence. At the end of the day its OK that Tim never sees Wilson’s face because he provides him with the worldly advice and laughs that he needs. The same goes for this magical orange-pink light. At the end of the day it brought happiness to my drab and dreary life, so it doesn’t matter whether or not I could see the source of it.

lighting observation 6

1) 3/8/12- 7:46 pm Constitution RSR booth

2) sitting looking out the front plexi-glass window I can see the reflection of the banks of lights behind me headed toward the laundry room.

3) This lighting just kind of took me by surprise. I’ve sat here a million times and never really realized it before. there are 2 rows of 3 lights headed vertically backwards. They are in perspective and it looks like it leads to the laundry room door. It is a sort of thing i feel like would be in the Coen Brothers’ movie The Big Lebowski.

photo observation #6?–4d2f301f747d0.jpg

vibrant, colorful, saturated

I love this picture because these colorful spheres are bright, shiny, vivid colors and they have all different designs. But in the shiny ones there are reflections of trees. I love how something as unnatural as these spheres try to camouflage themselves in trees and grass.  I feel like they are trying this disguise but their shapes and colors distort the trees so try as they might these spheres will never really be natural.

Lighting Observation 6.2 (Moonlit Jail)

1) 3/6/12 – 6:55 PM – Entrance to the netherlands quad.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking back to my room after the sun had gone down. The moon was high in the sky in the direction of the student center. The light from the moon was shining through the gate to the Netherlands and casting a shadow of the gate and bike that was locked to it.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking home from dinner on tuesday night. It was a nice night, relatively warm and very comfortable to be outside. The sun had been down for a while and the moon was high and bright in the sky. There were no clouds in the sky and the moon was almost full. As I entered the Netherlands through the sliding doors I happened to to look to my right and notice a very interesting image being displayed infront of my eyes.

In the entrance to the Netherlands there is a large set of bared gates to allow for people to move in to the dorms easier with all of their gear. The Gates are purely metal and are formed from a series of vertical bars about 3 inches apart across the width of the gates. There was a mountain bike that had been locked to the lower 25% of the gate that lay rested against there with the front tire slightly turned to the side to allow the bike to stand up. The Moon was shining brightly through the gate and casting a very long, striped shadow across the sidewalk. A series of very close parallel lines lay on the ground only interrupted where the bike was placed. The lines ran parallel all the way to the bottom where the lines of frame of the bike filled in the open gaps of light from the fence. It was a very cool image on the ground to see the organized lines filled in at just the right areas to be put together to make the perfect image of a bike on the ground, simply created from the light of the moon.