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Light Observation #7

1) 3/14/12 – 8:30 pm – On the LIRR heading back to Mineola Station

2) A flashing light seen out the window of the train as it was moving

3) As I was on my way back to campus from the city, I sat on the LIRR looking out the window on the verge of falling asleep when suddenly, a light flashes. I was so confused at first. The light was so bright and quick that it looked like lightning. I instantly sat up and stared intensely out the window to see if this flash would happen again. It did. I have no idea what caused the flashes, but it continued to intrigue me as I kept staring out the window even harder to try and figure out what was making it. I still don’t know and would like to find out if anyone knows what creates the bright flashes.