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Light Observation #7

1. March, 15 – 11:27 PM – Emily Lowe Conference Room

2. Fluorescent lights

3. Sitting in the Emily Lowe Conference room, the fluorescent lights are harsh and overly bright compared to the dark night outside, filling the room with headache-inducing light. Everybody in the room is fully light – there are no problems seeing Athena prance to the door and Devin dance in front of his computer. However, the window outside shows the deep darkness filling the cold night sky. You cannot see anything beyond the window, an empty abyss. The light inside is the opposite, brightening the room to allow for all of the studying. Let the night commence!

Photo Observation #7


3. Portrait/Central Figure

4. I chose this picture because there is no mistaking that the girl is the central figure of the photo. The title of the piece is “All My Nightmares Escaped My Head”. There’s something frighteningly enchanting about this photo. The setting is desolate, an empty parking garage. There are such intensive shadows and harsh lighting. It really intensifies the feeling of fear, and well, nightmares to the image. She is completely alone in the center of complete emptiness. Her nightmares have literally escaped her head, and that is portrayed in the picture.

I also chose this photo because of the strange choice of lighting. A parking garage is not the first place you would think has interesting lighting for a photograph. In most cases, I don’t think the harsh fluorescent lights would work well at all, but in this case it does. It really intensifies the mood of the photo, all of the fear, emptiness, and loneliness.

Photo Observation #6



2) Michael Segal Photography

3) Portrait or Strong Central Figure

4) These newlyweds are so in love with each other that they cannot even wait to get to their wedding suite to begin the rest of their life together. The two have arrived at their hotel in the wee hours of the morning after the reception and are trying to keep quiet in the dimly lit hallway. The only things lighting the hallway are a few small lamps on the walls. When the husband starts talking loudly and joking around, the wife playfully pushes him against the wall and kisses him to shut him up. Luckily she avoided pushing him into the lamp right next to his head. Though a trip to the Emergency Room would have made for an interesting wedding night, they ended up with a beautifully backlit picture that shows how in love they really are.

Photo Observation #7

2) <>

3) THEME: Portrait or Strong Central Figure

4) So I don’t like HDR photography but the lighting coming from the up-right light was too good to pass up.  I found it hard to find photos with such dynamic lighting from multiple sources—everything I found either had a rather general flat sort of daytime lighting, or were a single light source with intense shadowing.  HDR usually serves to reduce or even eliminate the more interesting shadows in a photo, but this particular composition retains distinct shape and locations of the light, partially due to the slightly foggy air.  The tree adds nice texture to the yellow light, though this is only visible on the ground, and not particularly the subject.

Photo Observation #7

2. By Erika Brooks Adickman

3. Portrait/Central Figure

4. I love Darren Criss. He’s a great performer and I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan since before he was on Glee. I chose him because I figured he would have good portraits to use for this assignment, but I found a lot of pictures of him in white lighting, and I wanted more color. Then I found this one where he was in Red lighting and it immediately caught my attention because of how different it was from his other pictures, so I chose this one because it is the most interestingly lit picture I could find of Darren Criss.

Lighting Observation #7

1. 3/12/12 11:30 a.m. in the Drama Lounge

2. Sunlight coming from outside and hitting Codee’s backpack

3. Sitting in the Drama lounge, I noticed something very peculiar. I’ve always seen Codee’s backpack as this simple blue backpack, but on this day the way the sunlight hit the backpack made the blue on her backpack very vibrant and noticeable, and it was really cool. It made me see how something plain can be made so vivid if you just add some light to it.


Photo Observation

2) Shani Shalgi.

3) Portrait or Strong Central Figure

4) this photo is from a production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat performed at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2010. This is the scene where Joseph is thrown in jail and sings his heart out. the blues and deep magenta help strengthen the mood of the scene. the darker colors enhance the sadness that is jail.


2) Portrait or Strong Central Figure

3) This photograph is part of the ad series that photographer Annie Leibovitz shot for the Disney theme parks.

Though the scenery was perhaps edited (as are many things in advertisements) the lighting was still done on set.

The lighting is murky and mysterious, Cinderella is lit from the back and her right side only, casting shadows and darkness in the front of her. I feel that the lighting really captured the enchanted feeling of Cinderella; dawn is slowing rising the horizon and the mist is rising around her. Cinderella is the clear focal point of the photo, so much that it actually takes a second glance to notice the spotlight on the small glass slipper in the center of the photograph. She is down in the right hand corner of the photograph, a place the is usually the last place people look, yet the dim lighting that illuminates her dress has enough pull to draw the viewers attention.

lighting observation #7

3/14/12 around 1:30 am in my bed

I was all snuggled in bed with Mater and then I noticed the light from my alarm clock reflecting on the bottom side of the desk lamp I put on my dresser (which sits next to my bed).

This may not really seem like a lighting moment to anyone else really but I used this desk lamp as my object for the 78 project so I spent a VERY long time looking at this lamp in different types of light, but I never really saw it in this one before. I literally could not close my eyes and just stop looking at it (regardless of how much my body wanted me to). The lighting just totally changed the way I looked at this lamp. the under lighting made the lamp look angry, dark, and a little sad.

Lighting Observation

1) March 15, 2012 about 3:00pm in Breslin Hall

2)Lights coming through the blinds of an accent wall in Breslin

3) Today I was in Modern and Royston was prepping the computer to watch the German Expressionist film “Metropolis” I turned around to look at the back wall. I never noticed that there was a pale blue accent wall in this room of Breslin before, which was the first startling thing about this observation. Also, the light was streaming through the windows, making them appear dark by contrast and spilling out against the walls. I thought it was funny, as we have spent so many class periods talking about the Expressionists, and were about to watch one of their films, that a prime example of expressionistic lighting (angles and shadows) was right behind us the entire time.

The lighting also had that “film noir” feel to it, which I felt expressed the dramatic feeling of the sometimes drawn-out Modern Drama class. It was a very simple lighting, and lighting that has been done countless time before, but the fact that it so perfectly represented the mood of the room was a coincidental added bonus.