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Light Observation #7

DATE-TIME-LOCATION: March 14th, 10:22 pm, my 10th floor dorm room

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There is one 60 watt bulb from a tall standing lamp shining to my right and behind me as I sit on my bed, looking at my computer screen which happens to be almost entirely white at that moment.

SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The bright light from my screen held my attention, but suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I saw a strange monster looming.  Its wings were partially spread as it huddled across the room, appearing to be preparing for flight or perhaps guarding some prey it had just caught and killed.  I looked up to more clearly identify the creature, and of course, it was nothing but my roommate, preparing to go to outside with a cropped jacket hanging loosely from her body.

Photo Observation #7: Portrait/Strong Central Figure

Unknown Photographer

THEME: Portrait/Strong Central Figure

DESCRIPTION: The woman in this picture is clearly the focus of the picture, hence, she is the only thing in focus.  The lights behind her give some color to the photo and add a lot of visual interest as opposed to a portrait on a plain background.  This picture appealed to me because (although I sincerely doubt this is the reality) it told a story.  I imagine a tolerably cold winter evening in a small city. It’s getting very close to Christmas, and the storefronts and few trees along the street are covered in holiday lights, giving a soft reddish glow to the night. A young couple strolls down the street, hand in hand, and stops occasionally to peer into a storefront (where this picture was candidly snapped).

Lighting Observation #6

1) 3/15/12 – 6:52AM – Quadship Enterprise

2) Early morning night sky, lampposts, sunrise.

3) After having to wake up at the crack of dawn, I looked out my window expecting to see a bright beautiful sunrise. To my surprise, I found a completely black night sky. I stared at the bright LCD numbers on my clock – 6:52. I turned on the backlight on my phone – 6:52. I checked the window again to be sure. This time I noticed the lampposts on in the parking lot. Each one was emitting a beautiful orb of amber light. The amber from the lamposts was reflecting off of the damp ground, and those were the only sources of light. I felt like I was on the Twilight Zone or something. 6:52 and no sun? I definitely thought the apocalypse was coming. Lo and behold, the sky started to turn into a muted blue tone, but there was no sun to be seen. The Mayans were definitely off by a year… or maybe its just the aftereffects of daylight savings time.

Lighting Observation – Lee Moore

1. 6:00AM, March 16, 2012, The Batcave (A.K.A. My dorm room)

2. The flourescent lights coming through my patchwork blanket created a pink and rainbow glow.

3. I hate waking up. This is contributed to by the fact that I love my bed. One of the reasons I so love my bed is the quilt my aunt made that goes on top of it. She patch-worked it for my graduation, out of the silliest fabrics she could find. It is bright colors all over. Some nights, I fall asleep with the lights on, and wake up the next morning tangled in my blankets, still in my jeans, with my quilt pulled up over my head. As I slowly open my eyes, the world around me is soft and shades of pink. The light filters through the multicolored top layer and the pink bottom to appear cotton candy colored by the time it reaches my eyes. It is sweet and warm, making my skin under it look odd but loved. the colors enfold me from all sides and I am a burrito of soft morning light. For some reason, such sweet softness when I awaken always causes me to be shocked that it was caused by the ceiling fluorescent in my room.

Photo Observation, Lee Moore


1. Dolce and Gabbana Glasses ad, from the Fall/Winter collection of 2009/2010, Photographed by Steven Klein

3. Portrait or Strong Central Figure

4. mmm….High fashion advertising. Tasty. One of the things I love about fashion advertising is the absolute commitment made to each choice. for example, they wanted this girl to look cold and alien, so they blasted her with blues and greens to create this other-worldly, underground feel. She is the only focused thing in the photos, with her background being a swirl of blurry neon.  She seems like the kind of woman who would be running the fight club in a movie like Tron. Perhaps her heart is made of metal. Also, girl has got some sick glasses. 😛

Lighting Observation 7

1. 3/13/2012, 12:34, freshman unispan

2. I was walking across the unispan and the lights against the tinted glass made an endless reflection of the walkway.

3. It was late at night and I was walking back to my room across the tinted glass unispan when I looked next to me to see a reflection of the inside of the unison. On closer inspection I realized it was an infinite reflection like the one you get when two mirrors are across from each other. It was crazy to look ahead and see several other walkways next to me. It was like seeing into alternate realities. It was a a fun experience.

Photo Observation 7


3. portrait or strong central figure

4. I like how fun the colored lights are on her face. The colors are so saturated that is looks like she has hair died those colors. Even with all three colors, they each are able to remount the same and not blend. The three colors remain very distinct on her face. It is a really fun image and the color adds dynamic even though she is sitting still.

Lighting Moment #7

1. Outside the NAB, Tuesday, 6pm

2. The sun against the glass

3. At a glance the light was simply blinding but it allowed for parts of the glass encased building to be seen into while other areas were used only as a reflective surface. The angle of the sun played against the horizontal wall to give extra dimension to the architecture. Since most of the building can usually be seen the fact that it can’t be seen, makes the NAB seem bigger than it is. When we know what to expect and can see in front of us its approachable while when we can’t seen what we expect it gains a larger than life imposing quality.