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Lighting Observation #8

1) Wednesday March 19th, 2012 – 11:00 p.m. – Outside the NAB

2) After Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’s rehearsal, when we all left the building, the night was overcome with a very thick cloud of fog, this made every single light outside glow, beams were pointed everywhere and spheres were created to decorate the night.

3)  The night itself was very dark, so beams of light from lamps really stood out. It was great seeing people walk into and out of the lights, like spotlights used to play a game of hide and seek.the decorated nights had narrow beams from cars that snaked through the fog. Some lamps created balls of yellow light of different sizes and at different levels like a playground outside. Lastly, the cars on the turnpike at a distance created beams of light that followed each other in a hurried fashion.

Photo Observation #8

2) Code Poet (

3) Theme: Spring

4) This photograph represents everything that is the Spring season. Flowers, sunny days, clear skies, and clean air. One of the better features of this image is the perspective it is taken in. It is reminiscent of lying on the grass looking up at the sky. While the cool white light is bright, it is not painful to look at, and the contrast beween the brightly lit clouds and the deep shadows in the grass gives a sense of rest and harmony. Another great quality shown in this image is the way that the petals on the flowers are semi translucent, and light up with the sun behind it.


Photo Observation #8

2. By Matthew Artus

3. Spring

4. I’m a big New York Mets fan, and I really like baseball so whenever spring rolls around, I immediately think it’s baseball season. Basketball season is getting intense, but as a kid I was always ready for Little League baseball, so that’s why I associate spring with baseball. I really like this picture because of how it combines spring flowers in the foreground and Citi Field, the Mets home ballpark, in the background. These are being lighted by a typical spring day, bringing all the elements together that I think of when I think of spring.

Lighting Observation #8

1. 3/20/12 3:30 p.m. in the hallway of my dorm building

2. Sunlight from window by stairs and the light in the ceiling of the hallway.

3. I was walking home from class and before I entered my room, a lighting moment hit me square in the face. I looked an saw a cool combination of sunlight and indoor light that made this really neat combination of light. It was like the sunlight was giving the hallway light life, and it was a very nice way to enter my room.


Lighting Moment #8

1.Tuesday March 20th 11:30pm Hempstead Turnpike

2. The sources were headlights, streetlights, stop lights, and store lights/advertisements which came through the fog.

3. Though I drive home every night via this route I have never noticed the amount of light surrounding me. Because it was foggy it restricted visibility to only 100 feet in front of you but the lights showed through creating a tunnel effect. It made a highway somehow more intimate but restricted and dangerous. There were very few cars on the road but those that did emerge out of the gray wall were surprising cause it was if a curtain had been pulled. This light path seem to go on forever and constantly revealing another light, and thankfully for me the next green light. My next observation was the temperature difference between all the headlights and streetlights. Though they are all made from the same basic parts they glow slightly different. This individualism is what created the path vs asylum affect. If they had all been uniform it would have been creepy as opposed to the inviting light leading me home.


Lighting observation 8

1. 3/21/12, 8:54, leaving the student center

2. There was fog everywhere and the fog was reflecting the yellow light of the street lamps so it looked like the sun.

3. I was walking back from the student center to my room when I noticed the fog everywhere and then the street lights. The fog was bouncing the yellow light of the street lamps so much that they all looked like one big yellow light. It looked like the sun had not set yet when it have obviously set or there would not have been fog. It was a really strange sight but it was really beautiful.

Photo Ob #8

2., by: Elena Blokhina

3. Spring

4. The beginning of spring makes outside come alive, be it ready or not, especially where I come from thus the flowers coming out of the snow. Despite the subject of this photo, spring lighting always seems so bright cause its reflecting colors that our eyes have been missing since the fall. Everything is simply brighter, almost blinding. It can be warm and inviting as the flowers reach upwards craving the life giving sun.


Photo Observation 8


3. spring

4. The spring in Massachusetts is always rainy and wet. This leads to really breen grass and if you are lucky, a sunny shower with a huge rainbow. I remember when I was little, me and my mom were driving home and it started to rain. We got a little further up the road to a field and in the field was a huge, full rainbow. It was the first time I had ever seen a full rainbow before so now I associate spring with sun storms and rainbows. The light is always bright and the rainbows are always brilliant.

photo observation 8


It isn’t really spring for me until I get to mow our lawn. That is really the start of the season for me, so naturally that is what I chose a picture of. The girl and mower are protected from the sun by trees, but it finds places to poke through the leaves. It is one of those spring days where the sun isn’t terribly high in the sky so it is warm but it isn’t beating down on you and the shade stays very cool. The light that hits the leaves and the small section of grass make all of the plants various shades of green which I feel like emphasizes the rebirth of spring. I don’t know if this means spring to anyone else but I am sitting here putting myself into this girl’s shoes in my backyard.


Photo Observation 8



3) Spring

4) This is a photo of a flower because flowers always remind me of spring. The blue petals and the yellow inner section of the flower makes me feel like a breath of new life is coming. The water droplets on the petals give me a sense of liveliness. Spring time is a time of happiness and joyous times and this flower reminds me of just that.  the way the sun reflects off of the droplets makes me feel happier inside because there is a sense of brightness to nature